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Ipage Promo Code & Discount Code & Coupon code

IPage is one of the oldest brands that has dominated the hosting market since 1998 and reportedly powers more than 1 million websites. It is part of the Endurance International Group (EIG), just like Bluehost and Hostgator. IPage has gained popularity over time because of its remarkably cheap prices and performance. It offers domain registrations; shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting to their customers.

Today, they are a successful brand in WordPress hosting as well. They aim to simplify the web hosting hassle and make it easily available for more people; their generous shared hosting plan is an example of the same while they also provide deeply advanced options for the ones who require a more powerful hosting service. Their shared hosting plan is their niche offering which may be termed as a “one-stop, do all” shared hosting plan.

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It removes the tedious task of spending time scrolling through comparison tables or feature descriptions for each plan. They provide the “Go-Plan Foundation” plan priced at $1.99 per month for 3 years initially and $7.99 on renewal. This plan is created such that it would, at least in theory, satisfy just about anyone, without the hassle of figuring out technical jargon or comparing features. This plan comes with unmetered web space and bandwidth while also supporting unlimited email addresses and allowing any number of websites to be hosted via the plan. A win-win situation indeed!

IPage Hosting Plans and Features

The shared hosting plans are the most attractive ones offered by iPage, especially for beginners and new websites. However, they also offer a plethora of other plans to cater to the customers who require a more powerful or advanced hosting service, like VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and more. It lacks the option of a Windows-based server which is one of the only drawbacks when compared to the other hosting options available.

Shared Hosting Plans

This is the perfect plan for new websites that have low traffic. With this plan, you would be sharing the server and its resources with other websites hosted on the same server. IPage also offers the option of upgrading to an advanced hosting plan as and when your website grows. Unlike its Endurance International Group (EIG), competitors like Hostgator; iPage only offers yearly plans and not monthly plans. You are given the option to choose from one year, two years, or three-year deals. This is why iPage is more suitable for the websites that are ready for this sort of commitment and don’t need a hosting provider for only a few months.

IPage offers only one Linux based shared hosting plan that starts at $2.99 per month for the one year plan. This is a rather attractive plan which makes it top the charts for the most affordable hosting services available. Just like any annually cashed plan, the monthly prices reduce if you opt for plans of a longer duration. A caution to remember would be that iPage would by default suggest you opt for its three yearlong plans which is the longest deal they offer. So, be careful when you pay and check the plan again before making the payment.

IPage’s shared hosting comes with unlimited disk space, email addresses, and monthly data transfers. However, it does not offer the choice of a Windows-based server. Only Linux based server is available, which can be a drawback if you wish to build a site on the ASP.NET framework. On all of the plans available under the shared hosting options, you would gain access to 24 hours support via phone, chat, and email. You would also get a maximum inode count of 200,000 which is similar to the number of files available.

Here is a thing to note about iPage, that the offerings are only ‘unlimited’ in theory. In practice, however, it is not so, there are intricate details and clauses or exceptions regarding these features. An example of the same would be that as mentioned above, they set an inode count for the number of files you can accommodate. The files may be databases, images, emails, etc. You would have to be careful while billing your plan as, during checkout, customers have noted that a few add-ons are automatically tweaked into your plan.

Pros and cons of shared hosting plans

If the Pros and Cons of the iPage shared hosting plan are analyzed the one would arrive at the following deductions. The Pros of the hosting options include that it is very cheap in the first term. Some may even say that is as cheap as a bag of chips. It also has a very simple structure of the plan so that customers would not get confused with highly technical jargon or options. It also provides a visually modern panel. The iPage dashboard is classy to look at and fairly intuitive.

The cons of the iPage shared hosting plans include the renewal prices that are rather expensive and will cost you three times more than that before renewal. Customers tend to get annoyed with their repetitive and aggressive attempts at upselling extra features. Their backend and purchase process is filled with add-ons you may not want. It is also reported that iPage’s shared hosting option scores lesser than its competitors in terms of real-life performance. They also have a poor backup. If you wish to have a backup for your website, you would have to separately buy one. Moreover, you would also have to pay an extra of $100 to restore your websites from one of the iPage’s backup servers.

The biggest asset in buying an iPage shared hosting plan is its nominal price. It is especially good for new website owners and students as well.

VPS Hosting Plans

When you buy a VPS plan you would get your own, personal virtual server environment. You will have full autonomy on the Operating system, the apps and extensions that you install, and all of their respective settings. This is similar to the shared hosting option as each physical server will host multiple VPS websites but the number of websites here will be lesser than in the shared hosting option. Usually, each VPS is allocated a fraction of key resources for their use alone. Ram, storage space, and CPU cores are a few examples of the same.

Besides attractive shared hosting offers, iPage also offers VPS hosting that starts at a great price of $24.99 per month. This plan is perfect for those websites that usually attract high traffic volumes, or for those who have certain customized compliance requirements that do not allow them to go for shared hosting servers. This is especially apt if you come under the above category and do not wish to pay the relatively high prices of dedicated web hosting.

For the Linux based servers, there are three configurations and options to choose from – Basic, Business, and Optimum. The Basic plans start with the offer of 1GB of Ram, 40GB of storage, and 1TB monthly data transfers. The basic plan is priced at only $24.99 per month. The Business plan takes things slightly up a notch and offers 4GB of Ram, 90GB of storage, and 3TB of monthly data transfers. This plan is priced at $59.49 per month. The third option is the Optimum plan which is the highest in the given range and offers 8GB of RAM, 120GB of storage, and 4TB of monthly data transfers. This plan is priced at $99.99 per month. All these three plans are managed plans which means that iPage takes up the responsibility of managing these sites for you from a technical standpoint. Moreover, a VPS hosted website would allow the website more space to grow and flourish.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

In this option, you will have an entire server dedicated to just your website and would cater to only the hosting needs of your site. This option gives you access to powerful features and guarantees much better performance as well. It is most suitable for websites that attract a lot of traffic or large businesses, enterprises, or e-commerce websites.

Dedicated hosting also allows you to have autonomy and access to all server resources. Much like the VPS hosting options, there are many in the dedicated hosting arena too that are offered by iPage. They provide three offers and packages of dedicated hosting options to choose from. The first on the list is the Startup server that is offered with 4GB of Ram, 500GB of storage capacity, 5TB of monthly data transfers, a free domain name, and three IP addresses. This option is priced at $149 per month. The second option is the Professional Plan. This comes with 8GB of Ram, 1,000GB of disk space. 10TB of monthly data transfers along with 4 IP addresses. This option is priced at $194 per month. The third on the list which is the most advanced offering in this category is the Enterprise server that charges its customers a sum of $239 per month. It offers the same storage space as the Professional server.  The additional incentive to buy this plan is that it offers 16GB of RAM, 15TB of monthly data transfers, and 5 IP addresses.

WordPress Hosting Plans

These are similar to shared hosting plans, but the difference is that they are specifically optimized to run WordPress powered websites. The offers for WordPress hosting by iPage are similar to those offered by its competitors. The starting offer is at $7.49 per month (for the WP Starter Plan) and gradually as the plans progress, so does the price. The next on the list is WP Essential Plan that charges $10.49 per month. These two offerings are rather similar in terms of their provisions. They both provide a domain name and unlimited storage, monthly data transfers, and email. However, the WP Essential program has the added benefit of enhanced security features and expresses WordPress customer service. These offers are not the type of WordPress hosting that gives your installations with the white-glove treatment. This is because neither of the two above mentioned plans is of the managed WordPress variety.

Reseller Hosting Plans

This feature caters to a slightly different audience. If you happen to wish to venture into the web hosting business but the infrastructure is such a hassle and you wish to stay away from these matters then you must check out the reseller hosting packages offered by iPage. The plans offered start at $49.95 per year and also let you apply your branding to your iPage rented servers and email. IPage also performs its customer support duties with utmost responsibility and offers 24*7 tech supports.


A built-in e-commerce feature is also available on iPage. The first thing you would have to do to get started is to click the ShopSite Starter icon. Next, you would have to click a button close by to enable ShopSite. The Essential plan when coupled with the e-store is the Basic version. It has a 15-product/5-page limit, constrained design options, and no third-party application integration. You also have the option to upgrade your plan to the Manager version or the Pro version at any time. The Manager version is priced at $29.95 per month and the latter is priced at $49.95 per month.

Users have expressed their approval of this feature and have said that despite a short delay in time to turn on, the setting up of an online store was fairly easy. The store creation wizard is especially there to walk the users through a multistep process to develop pages, set up the payment option, and even define products. The wizard is of the old school type which adds to its charisma. However, the templates are visually appealing and modern. Color palette changes are not supported by the Starter plan. So, there is very limited use for the templates.

An observation to be noted would be that when you enter ShopSite, you would have to leave the iPage and its control panel fully. Users have suggested that it would have been better to witness a slightly tighter integration there.

Security Features

IPage uses malware monitoring to secure your email. Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) authentication technology are also supported by iPage’s email for the added security that is needed in this prying digital era. Moreover, iPage also provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates for the added price of $31.99 per year. This certificate happens to be the best feature of a safe and secure website. These certificates make it evident to the users that whatever information that they share on the given site will be safe and wouldn’t be shared anywhere. They are identified by the presence of the “s” in “https” at the start of a web address as well by the green padlock icon. Since this performs the essential function of encrypting the data transferred between a website and a computer user, it is a feature that is a must-have if you wish to sell items online.

IPage performance and Reliability

To gauge the performance and reliability of a hosting server we would look at the uptime, the speed test results, and the server response time.

IPage website uptime

Website uptime happens to be the most essential part of a hosting service. Something you do not want for sure is your site going down which causes prospective clients and customers to leave the site as they will not be able to find you or access your products or services. Thankfully, iPage proved to be quite dependable in most testing trials. To test the uptime, customers have used a website monitoring tool to track the iPage hosted test website’s uptime over a certain period. A two week time period is a great time for a test. The test works in such a way that the tool would ping the website and send the user an alert if it were unable to connect with the site for at least one minute. This was repeated at every 15-minute interval. The data collected showed that iPage’s uptime was beyond expected and it did not go down even once during the 14 day test period.

IPage Speed Test Results

With everything and everyone now rapidly acclimatized to the fast-paced world, slowness is hard to deal with and is annoying for most people. Speed happens to be one of the most important indicators of a good and well-performing hosting service. It is a matter of fact that no one likes slower websites. Even search engines reportedly rank faster websites higher than slower ones. Studies conducted in the field show that even a delay of a single second in the loading of a page can lead to an 11% lesser conversion rate and 7% lesser page views. Given the tight competition, one cannot afford to lose users due to the slowness of their websites when users have innumerable faster options to choose from that are just a few clicks away.

Since the above-mentioned information is in this article, there is no doubt that web hosting plays the most important part of the website’s speed. If the host is slow then whatever you try on your website would make no difference since your page load speed would remain below average.

To test iPage and the websites speed results- test websites, and trial runs were created by users. One of the tests was done using a WordPress powered test site and the Twenty Seventeen theme, with trial content like images and videos. They then used the Pingdom website speed testing tool. The results showed that the trial website loaded in about 2.60s and was faster than about 60% of the other websites that were tested by them.

Users also wanted to test how iPage would handle an unforeseen traffic spike on the shared hosted website. For this, they used Load impact, a tool that sends about 100 users to a particular website and notes the website’s page load time. The results obtained here were that the website slowed down when there were about 50 users on the site but remained relatively stable thereafter. This result is exceptional for a website that uses shared hosting and that too for a very nominal price.

IPage Server Response Time

It is now a well-known fact that the content that you upload on your website affects its page load time considerably. For instance, if a page has too many images or videos, then it usually loads slowly. Therefore, a normal speed test will not accurately determine the speed of the response from a server. For this, a tool called Bitcatcha was used by enthusiastic users. This tool is slightly different; it ignores the contents on the page and then records the server response time instead of measuring the entire page’s load time. This is done from various locations worldwide and an average result is produced.

IPage’s result was fairly great as the test site responded in less than a second for nearly all the locations tallied. Only Japan fell back a little with a 3533ms response time. So, if your targeted customers are in Japan, it would be a good idea to choose a server that is geographical nearer the region. Therefore, test results prove that iPage is fast and reliable worldwide.

Customer Service

Much like its competitors, iPage offers both 24/7 telephone support and online web chat as customer support. The 24/7 telephone response is noted to be prompt and resourceful as well. As an attempt to keep their customers happy, iPage differs from its competitors in terms of their refund policies. The others offer a 30-day refund period while iPage guarantees the remainder of your unused fees whenever you decide to cancel.

IPage FAQ’s

Is iPage hosting good?

It does offer the cheapest hosting you could find so that’s a plus point. It also offers great tools to help with the functioning of your website. So for a beginner, this is the best you could ask for, but for those looking for advanced options, iPage may not be the best choice.

Where is the iPage located?

IPage is located in Boston and was established in 1998.

How much does iPage cost?

As of now, the simplest plan starts at $1.99 per month, which is a great price for a shared hosting provider. However, they do charge extra for any extra features that you add.

How do I cancel my iPage account?

You can contact their billing department via phone or live chat and request a cancellation. If you are still in the 30-day trial period then you would get a refund as well. You can also contact iPage by email via the control panel and submit a support ticket too.

How do I renew my domains?

Login to your account. Click “Domain Central.” Select the domains you want to renew and follow the directions given. Domain renewal rates are available in your control panel.

My credit card is invalid. How do I update it on the iPage?

First login to your account and then visit “Billing Central”. There your payment information will be updated

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