Bluehost Black Friday Coupon 2020 | Bluehost Pre Christmas sale

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Bluehost Black Friday Coupon 2020 | Bluehost Pre Christmas sale

Bluehost  is offering Big Sale on Black Friday is called Bluehost India Black Friday 2020
Starting Tomorrow we will offer flat 65% off on all Hosting Plans.

Bluehost India Black friday 2017

Bluehost Black Friday Coupon

Black Friday
Date: 24th November 2020
Coupon: BLACK20
  • 65% off on WordPress and Cloud Hosting(valid on purchases of 6 months and above)
  • 55% off on Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, SiteLock and CodeGuard(valid on purchases of 6 months and above)
  • 30% off on VPS, Dedicated and SSL(valid on purchases of 3 months and above)
Black Weekend
Date: 25th & 26th November 2020
Coupon: BLACK20
  • 55% off on WordPress, Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, SiteLock and CodeGuard(valid on purchases of 6 months and above)
  • 25% off on VPS, Dedicated and SSL(valid on purchases of 3 months and above)

Bluehost Black Friday Coupon/ Cyber Monday Coupon

Cyber Monday
Date: 27th November 2020
Coupon: CYBER17
  • 65% off on WordPress and Cloud Hosting(valid on purchases of 6 months and above)
  • 55% off on Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, SiteLock and CodeGuard(valid on purchases of 6 months and above)
  • 30% off on VPS, Dedicated and SSL(valid on purchases of 3 months and above)

We will drop the discount on each day so be sure you make the most on Day

More Such Amazing Bluehost Black Friday coupon Deals Are

Bluehost Black Friday Coupon Discount 65% Off

It is no secret that in the age of digital excellence and web presence, advertising is the key to a flourishing business or brand whether it is personal or professional. Most people rely on blogs or easy websites to do the trick and showcase their quality content to the world. However, the most important tool to succeed when climbing the ladder of web presence is a good hosting platform and Bluehost is undoubtedly one of the best in the market!

Bluehost is reportedly hosting over 2 million websites worldwide while being the quintessential ‘bargain web hosting service’. It is also endorsed by WordPress as a recommended hosting device.

Besides the entire package of web hosting services, Bluehost also offers SEO services, graphic design services, social media marketing, marketing training, domain names, email, and local business listings to increase traffic for your website. Therefore, it is well equipped to cater to all levels of users ranging from beginner bloggers to successful e-commerce businesses and much more.


Security is of utmost importance to all internet users, both the content providers and the consumers. So, how do you know if a website is safe?

The best feature of a safe and secure website is its Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. These certificates make it clear to the users that whatever information they share on the given site will be safe and wouldn’t be shared anywhere. These certificates are signified by the presence of the “s” in “https” at the start of a web address as well by the green padlock icon.

Luckily for us, Bluehost recognizes the imminence of security and provides a free SSL certificate with each plan. This way you would never have to worry about visitors being warned away by their device security that your website is insecure. A premium SSL certificate is also available for purchase at $49.99/year for more advanced security provisions. Although this may not be as necessary for bloggers as such, it would be a great investment for businesses and e-commerce websites where customers would have to share any potentially sensitive information. Most often they would have to log in with a username and password or may have to pay using a card. In such cases, the premium SSL certificate is a must-have.

Not just that, Bluehost has an exhaustive list of other security initiatives like the Spam Assassin protection, Secure Shell access, and hotlink protection. And the best part is that all of this is free with every package.

However, there are many paid security advanced services for websites with a larger user base. It is noted though, that these advanced features are quick to add considerably to your bill. Therefore, choices are to be made wisely.

Despite all this, Bluehost also allows you the autonomy to take whatever security measures you want as suitable for your website. You are given the freedom to create IP address blacklists, password-protected directories, filters for email users, and also manage private keys and digital certificates.

Bluehost reportedly does backups at its discretion. This is probably the only plausible negative aspect of Bluehost’s security services. Therefore, to ensure complete security one must carry out the daily backups.

Hosting Types and features

Bluehost offers varied types of hosting services to fit your exact hosting needs, including Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Shared WordPress, Managed WordPress, and WooCommerce.

VPS Hosting

VPS or the virtual private server is tailor-made for those websites that need extra power and are often subjected to high traffic or even have specific agreement requirements that may obstruct the smooth use of a shared server. The Bluehost VPS server is one to consider if your requirements are any of the ones listed above.

VPS hosting shares quite a few similarities with its shared counterpart. Here, your site shares server space with other websites. However there glaring differences can help you make it or lose it. For instance, VPS servers have a much lesser number of websites on the server and you are each guaranteed a definite quantity of server resources. It is an extremely powerful asset as it could even take a Reddit hit and continue working as if nothing happened!

Three variants of Linux-based VPS hosting is offered to customers by Bluehost. The lowest in this range is of $29.99 per month- Standard. This means that it would allow for 30GB of solid-state storage with unlimited data transfers for the month and 2GB of memory. The highest in the list is the one priced at $119.99 for a month – Ultimate. This comes with a whopping 120 GB of solid-state storage, 8GB memory along with unlimited data transfers for the month. In the VPS hosting plans too, one would be able to avail discounts for long term deals just like with the shared web hosting plans. It is a pity, however, that Bluehost does not provide a Windows-based VPS.

The Bluehost VPS hosting is much cheaper than its dedicated hosting and is ideal for e-commerce sites that wish to go a little beyond the basics.

Dedicated web hosting

This one isn’t for the beginners, but for the ones who have been in the game for quite a while. Dedicated hosting allows you to have autonomy and access to all server resources. It is especially a must-have if high traffic is expected on your site as dedicated hosting would be the only way to combat the Internet’s whims. The autonomy here will allow you to have complete control of the setting of your website. You can install or delete programs or run customizations to ensure that your website is running exactly the way you want. Therefore, it is great for larger e-commerce websites.

Much like the VPS hosting options, there are many in the dedicated hosting arena too that are offered by Bluehost. The starting option is at $109 monthly. It is possible to outfit this with a Linux OS (Operating System) with up to 1TB of hard drive space. Not only that, 16GB RAM and 15TB of data transfers is also provided along with.

This is reportedly the most expensive hosting option but it is also the most powerful one available.

WordPress Web Hosting

Have you noticed that nearly every other website on the internet is managed by WordPress? This shows the reach and success of the content management system. Its easiness of use, relatable theme, and plug-in ecosystem attract many website owners as these features add to the functionality of your site. Moreover, WordPress explicitly recommends its users to opt for Bluehost as its hosting provider and even crowned it with the status as its number one hosting provider.

This is no small success as a company has flourished as WordPress has seen one too many web hosting providers since its advent. Blue host and WordPress go hand in hand; if you already have a WordPress subscription then Bluehost is your answer without any doubt and vis-à-vis. Setting up a WordPress site is rather easy with Bluehost as well, all you would have to do is click on their dashboard!

If you are really keen in making a WordPress powered site then there are three possible Linux-based packages from Bluehost that you could consider – Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus.

The basic plan which starts at $7.99 per month allows you to host just one website with additional features such as 50GB of solid-state storage, a free domain for an entire year, and a free SSL certificate. The Plus plan begins at $10.99 per month and provides unlimited solid-state storage as well as unlimited site hosting with the usual free SSL certificate and free domain add ons. The highest in the given range is the Choice plus plan that starts at $14.99 per month which also includes CodeGuard Basic backup software.

Given the deep bond that WordPress and Bluehost share, it is not surprising that Bluehost even provides an advanced WordPress hosting category called WP Pro. This category is also available in three tiers namely Build, Grow, and Scale. WP Pro is a managed WordPress service option that gives your sites back end the cautious and careful planning it deserves. A few of these services to ensure customer satisfaction include advanced SEO, social media, and email marketing tools. All of the three levels, Build, Grow, and Scale provide unlimited site hosting, domains, subdomains, monthly data transfers, and storage facilities. Moreover, another incentive of having a WP Pro account is that it provides staging areas for you to be able to test websites before they go live on the internet. The Build plan starts at $29.99 per month while the Grow plan starts at $39.99 per month and lastly the Scale plan starts at $59.99 per month.

The features present in the basic Build plan include 100 free WordPress themes, day to day scheduled back up processing, domain privacy protection, and malware detection and deletion. The Grow plan adds to the Build plan with additional SEO tools, live ticket support, and 10GB of video compression. The Scales plan, which is at the top tier of the trio adds to the above-mentioned features with live chat support, PayPal integration, unlimited video compression, and unlimited backups and restore. This allows the Scale plan to outdo the other two WP Pro plans instantly.

As mentioned earlier, you can access WordPress from your pre-existing Bluehost service with just a click. You need not separately install the content management system, it is presented to you as a pre-installed feature. You will only have to log into WordPress after this is done, you will be able to create posts, galleries, and pages just as you would with any other self-hosted WordPress website.

You can easily export your existing site as a .XML file and upload the file to the new desired location with the help of a free WordPress migration tool. Also, you can migrate one WordPress powered website from any other host into Bluehost free of charge. However, if you want to be able to migrate many sites then Bluehost’s $149 plan is just for you. With this plan, you can migrate up to five sites and twenty email accounts. At the backend, Bluehost’s managed WordPress plans also provide bot protection, brute force protection, instant, and automatic SSL installation among many other features.

It is in popular consensus that Bluehost’s WordPress plans are indeed worth the money. However, it is also unanimously agreed that the Linux-based A2 is the best of the options available. The hosting tiers available through A2 are of four stages that start at $7.99 per month, provides unlimited storage and monthly data transfers across the range. The highest in the options provided is priced a $24.46 per month, managed deal which also provides unlimited databases and websites. Here as well, free SSL certificates are provided with every plan.

Reseller hosting

This feature caters to a slightly different audience. If you happen to wish to venture into the web hosting business but the infrastructure is such a hassle and you wish to stay away from these matters then you must check out the reseller hosting packages offered by Bluehost. There are four plans in this category that start at $18.99 per month with unlimited email, website hosting, and cPanel creation.

The “cPanel” control panel is a popular site management system that is employed by Bluehost. It provides free backup so that no key site files get lost by any customer.

The servers here are of the Linux category. However, it doesn’t offer unlimited storage and monthly data transfers at each tier unlike its competitors in the market. Besides that, Bluehost also provides 24/7 tech assistance and allows you to implement your branding to your rented servers.

Site Creation

Bluehost is not just another hosting provider; it is much more than that. It offers many tools that can be used for building websites, removing spam, collecting and analyzing site statistics, managing email as well as managing domains. If you wish to build a site you could use the WordPress content management option. Otherwise, you can also use Weebly which is an efficient website-builder. File Manager or FTP could be used to upload files. GoMobi Mobile Web builder could also be used if the add-on is bought by you.

The advantage of Weebly is that it has an easy-to-use drag and drop function which would allow you to build an interactive and attractive web page rather quickly. This would include slideshows, social media links, contact forms, and much more. The free version of Weebly provides customers with basic functionality; that is one can create six web pages and include their custom HTML). However, the professional tier which costs $8.99 per month is a good investment as it offers greater flexibility. You can have access to customized themes, password enabled pages, and more.

Another option would be to download site builders of content management systems from the MojoMarketplace. This is an independent interface but it would be a good place to invest time if expanding the capabilities of your site is a priority to you. Bluehost’s Mojo Marketplace and iPage’s marketplace are rather similar in use, no wonder they are referred to as sister-sites.

Performance and reliability

Bluehost is deemed to be one of the most dependable hosting service providers in the market. It reportedly has a commendable uptime guarantee of 99.98% which is the closest one could get to a centum. It is worth noting that a 100% uptime guarantee is impossible to achieve by any web host. Therefore, the figures for Bluehost are rather appealing! This means that Bluehost can provide about one hour and forty-five minutes of downtime annually. The highest that has been noted to date is that of Hostinger with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Excellent uptime is essential for every website and a must-have for a smooth web hosting experience. This will prevent warding off of clients in the unfortunate case of your site going down. And Bluehost’s uptime is stable and consistent which is a huge asset in the e-commerce business.

Customer Service

The phrase ‘Customer is King’ is rather popular among businesses. However, Bluehost makes it rather seriously and offers a terrific customer service experience to all of its customers. They offer 24*7 telephone support, online chat options, a system that is ticket-based, and a knowledgebase.

The responses from the online web chatting platform are quick and resourceful. As part of an experiment to assess the service from Bluehost, many tech reviewers have texted and called via the above-mentioned portals. They report that the representative from Bluehost immediately resolved their query when asked on online chat. They even tested the phone support system regarding their difficulty in operating Bluehost black Friday coupon. A person from Bluehost reportedly came to their assistance within minutes and patiently helped them navigate through Bluehost’s services.

Moreover, the hosting packages from Bluehost have a 30-day money-back guarantee. In the web hosting arena, this fare is a standard one. Nevertheless, the extreme care taken towards customer support elevates Bluehost’s usability two folds when compared to its competitors including DreamHost which provides a 97-day money-back guarantee.


Bluehost ranks highest among the budget hosting providers available at the moment. It has a value for money score of 4.6/5 along with a 30-day money-back guarantee as mentioned earlier! The cheapest plan available is that of shared hosting which is priced at $2.95 per month for the first year and $7.99 per month after the completion of one year of usage. The most expensive plan is that of dedicated hosting which starts at $79.99 per month.

Bluehost is the cheapest option in terms of WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting as well. Bluehost has priced these services at $2.95 per month, $79.99 per month, $18.99 per month, respectively. Its counterparts like HostGator and InMotion have priced WordPress hosting at $5.95 and $6.99 per month respectively. Dedicated hosting is offered at $119 and $105.69 while VPS hosting is at $29.95 and $29.19 respectively.


It is true that a large number of people are not happy with their current hosting provider and looking for a suitable switch. While Bluehost is a great option to trust for stable and reliable hosting, one must consider the easiness of making the switch. Making a switch is rather easy here and can be done all by yourself without any professional help, thanks to the standard cPanel dashboard that Bluehost employs. No special prior technical knowledge is required to get this task done! When considering the payment for site migration, Bluehost offers a package at $149.99 where it will take up the task of moving your site to its servers completely. At this price, in fact, one can move up to five websites and 20 email accounts. The company guarantees 0 downtime during this process and 24*7 customer support even after the process is complete. This service, however, is available only for shared server accounts and is not offered for reseller, VPS, or dedicated server accounts. For WordPress websites, the migration process is free of charge! All you would have to do is fill out a simple form once you have signed up with Bluehost and their expert will take care of the rest!

Frequently asked questions  Bluehost Black Friday Coupon (FAQ)

1. Can Bluehost be used even if the website is not a WordPress managed site?

Yes, definitely! Bluehost can be used and is compatible with all types of websites. It is particularly true, however, that Bluehost and WordPress go hand in hand and Bluehost is easier to use with WordPress. Even otherwise, any other website builder would do just fine!

2. What does “Server Status” mean?

As the name suggests, it refers to the state of your web server. A good status signifies that there is no way a downtime could be experienced due to a lack of outages. Bluehost particularly offers you to check your servers’ status at any time by simply searching for the particular domain.

3. Is Bluehost a good web host in black Friday?

All in all Bluehost is a great web host! It is budget friendly, has a c-Panel that is very easy to use, has efficient and reliable servers, great security features and much more. For a beginner this would be the ideal and budget-friendly choice.

If you are a larger business, which requires more than what Bluehost offers then maybe checkout Hostinger. Otherwise, Bluehost is the best choice you could make!

4. Why is Bluehost so cheap in Black Friday?

Bluehost is best known for its cheap and widespread shared hosting option. It employs a CPU Protection doctrine for all the users that have opted for the shared hosting plan. The essence being, that these users share the server with many other sites. No one specific user will pay for the whole server, allowing the company to provide their hosting services at a cheap rate.

5. Can I trust Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the most reliable hosting providers available in the market. As mentioned above, it has some stellar security features and a great uptime. The possibility of the server acting up is extremely low, which allows your website a very nominal chance of going down. It is very dependable indeed.

6. Is Bluehost good for beginners?

It is one of the best for beginners! It is interactive, easy to use and also provides good customer support.

Conclusion on Bluehost Black Friday coupon

In conclusion, Bluehost is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind that you could find in the market! If you are just beginning, then Bluehost would be the best hosting option for you due to its pricing and quality of service.

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