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000webhost review 2020

If you want to make it big in the blogging arena, the first thing that you should consider is how to choose a good web hosting service. Looking for free web hosting service can be a daunting task indeed. Simply because of a huge range of options you have at your disposal. If you think you have been stuck and cannot choose a best free web hosting service, we would let you know about one of the best options you can go for. 000webhost Review and choose the best 

000webhost review

000webhost – What it is?

As you should be aware of the name itself, 000webhost is a service that would help you get the hosting service for free. The service found itself being launched in 2007 and has risen to become one of the preferred web hosting services in a shorter span of time.

In fact, the service has premium plans as well. However, the free plan works best for all your hosting requirements.

000webhoat Review Video

Some Salient Features of 000WebHost

Some of the best features that make it one of the great options can be summarised as here below –

  • Free Hosting

That is precisely what makes it one of the prime features of the service. A free service is usually associated with unwanted ads and slower functionality. However, 000webhost does not trouble you in those areas.

You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB per month of data transfers. That should suffice the needs of a blog or a small personal website. You will also get a free cPanel and two MySQL databases with your free plan.

  • Support

The support is generally in the form of a forum. You also have access to phone and live chat support. But, we liked the forum section quite a lot. That is more so because of the quick responses you can be assured of on the support forums.

The support forums are also available in multiple languages like Spanish and German.

  • Excellent Sight Builder

Unlike other web hosting services, 000webhost service is blessed with a SiteReptile Builder. The builder offers you several high-performance add-ons.

You also get a host of design templates. These can go a long way in improving the look and feel along with the functionality of your website.

Flowers and Brickbats

Well, we mean the pros and cons of the hosting service by that word. As with any service or tool, the 000webhost also has its own share of the positive and negative traits. We will list out a few of them so that you can have a good understanding of the service.


  • Free Hosting is one of the prime features that makes it a great hosting service.
  • Great support channels. However, if you are a free user – you can only opt for support forum, while email and live chat support will be available for the paid users.
  • The service provides you a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.
  • Pricing is the best that 000webhost provides you in comparison to other hosting services. Even the premium plans are available at $ 3.99 to $ 10.
  • Auto installers provided with the tool help you install over 50 scripts even without FTP.
  • You can run your own ads on your website. Their strategy is to help you make money from your site and then convert you into a premium member.
  • Great cPanel on the service is indeed quite excellent. You have the support for auto install scripts like WordPress, Joomla and Magento.


  • The servers are not owned by the service provider. Since the servers lack the in-house data center feature, that would mean a slower support.
  • The service offers shared hosting only. This may be a concern if you find your site traffic increasing in an exponential manner. That would mean you may need to opt for a dedicated server from some other service provider.
  • Lack of regular backups can be another issue you may face. While other service providers offer you a nightly backup, 000webhost is limited to weekly backups. If some unforeseen events make you lose the data on your site midweek, you may have to work everything yet again.
  • The service removes your sites without any notice if it is found to be in violation of any stipulations. Maybe it is okay to suspend services for not meeting the terms of service, but deleting the complete content without even letting the members save their data is indeed uncalled for.

The Summary

Would you love to opt  for 000webhsot hosting service? Well, even with the cons indicated above – we will definitely suggest you opt for the free web hosting services. If you do not have much data to consume and have a small to medium sized website, 000webhost can be your perfect option.

If you are starting off with running a website, this can be your good option to make a head start. Support is yet another feature that would have its own added advantages. We are sure that using it can help you develop your skills in running a website – whether a small business site or a blog or even a personal website.

Have you used it for your building your website? If you have, we would welcome you to share your views and opinions with us. We will always appreciate your feedback.and for Your Golden Suggestion too

I hope you Like the Article on 000webhost review , after Reading the Article you must Try the free Web hosting of it.They Have Amazing support Services,after your Satisfy with free Service you Can upgrade to Premium Web hosting too. Its one of the best Plan for Newbie who want to start a new Website. Must try Free Web hosting.

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ipage hosting coupons April-Dec 2020 with amazing 75 % Discount Sale

Web hosting

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ipage hosting coupons April-December 2020

 Web Hosting is, by any means, the prime requirement you need to go if you are planning to for creating your own blog or website. Among different types of hosting services you can go for, shared hosting is one of the widely used options you can find. In fact, shared hosting should be the best when you are looking for economical hosting options. iPage Hosting coupons can be one of the good hosting services you can go for.

ipage Hosting Coupons

What is iPage Hosting?

As we stated here above, iPage is a shared hosting service provider worth excellence. They have been considered to be one of the excellent options for an affordable hosting.

 Check – ipage Black friday Sale From November 24-November 27 on All Web hosting Company like Hostgator black friday Sale 

It has also been referred to as a Green Hosting Company as well. If you are someone into promoting eco-friendly business, you would definitely go for it. If you are using iPage for your web hosting requirements, you will be certified as a Green Certified Website and can place a banner on your website on your website indicating that you are a partner in the green initiative. This is solely because of the fact that all the servers and data centers of the iPage service are powered by Wind Energy. It has been actively involved in promoting green power.

How Effective is iPage Hosting?

Well, it has been a good option for an affordable hosting since long. The plan comes with user-friendly features for the beginners. You get a simple to use website builder.

The website hosting service does support a good deal of popular scripts and website builders like WordPress. You have the simplicity of one-click installation for most of the applications. The basic plan – referred to as Essential Plan lets you get access to unlimited domains and as many SQL Databases as you would want. You are also allowed to use many ad networks like Google AdSense, Facebook marketing, and others.

What makes them even a great option would be its unique coupon system.

How does the Coupon System Work on iPage hosting Coupons?

The iPage Coupon System works much differently than most of the other hosting services. You need not enter the promo code and then check it works.

Instead, the service takes you to a Restricted Area wherein you will need to enter the promo code you have received. As soon as the code is entered, your new pricing will take effect. There are several websites that offer you free coupon codes that can be used on the site and get a host of features and lower pricing plans.

How Does it fare?

iPage has been one of the most comprehensive and competitive web hosting services that can be used for affordable web hosting requirements.  They have received a few rave reviews because of their excellent service quality.

iPage has been a well-known service provider for its budget hosting solutions. Moreover, even their customer support has been rated to be commendable enough. The service does support a 24 x 7 email support in addition to the live chat function that makes it most customer-friendly service you can go for.

We would definitely suggest you opt for the iPage Hosting services given a lot of features that it offers you. It is indeed a perfect hosting service that would provide truly unlimited features that have been packed in an interface that does need a steeper learning curve to master it. That would precisely be how we would describe iPage Hosting Service.

Where Can I get The iPage Coupons From?

That is indeed a good query. But, in fact, this could be something you need to look out for yourself. There are several sites that offer you iPage Promo Codes and Coupons.  You can check out a few sites like Groupon, CouponFollow and BloggerIdeas and most exclusive with www.couponvsoffer.com are some of the options you can check out if you are interested in looking for the best coupons for iPage Hosting.

A few of the benefits of opting for iPage Hosting can be summed up as

  • Cheap and inexpensive hosting.
  • Great Customer Support.
  • Extra Security features can be treated as one of the best reason for opting for iPage hosting service. The plans come with SiteLock security suite making it one of the most secure platforms.

In Conclusion

The iPage Hosting Service is definitely the best when you want affordable hosting for your website. Maybe their uptime is a little issue in certain cases. If the uptime happens to be low, you may end up getting slow loading on your pages.

If you find it interesting enough, just opt for iPage Coupons on renowned websites and make use of the service, so that you can get an affordable hosting for your site.

I hope you All Like the Article on ipage hosting Coupons

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Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting Top Comparison with Packages

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Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting

Blogging is one of the major sources of online income. However, if you want to be a successful blogger, you need to take care in choosing the best possible hosting service. It can indeed be a daunting task given the fact that there are several options available. Here is a helping hand that we would lend you. This article provides you a comparison between Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting Services


A Head To Head Comparison Between BlueHost and Hostinger

In many cases, hosting service providers overlook the quality and pay attention to functionality and design. It would, thus, be important to note the difference between different hosting service providers for a proper understanding of the usability and functionality of the host of service providers.

Let us check out the two major Hosting services viz BlueHost and Hostinger from different perspectives.
Video for More info

Pricing and Plans

Among BlueHost and Hostinger, the latter appears to be more affordable. It would be important to point it out here that the service also offers you a free hosting service as well. Apart from low pricing, Hostinger also comes with multiple tenure options.

Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting

BlueHost offers you just three options of 12 months, 24 months and 36 months subscription plans. Hostinger, on the other hand, offers you six different plans to choose from – right from three months to 48 months.

hostinger Vs Bluehost

Winner – Hostinger


The server uptime should play an important role in any of the hosting service providers. The level of the economy at the current times makes it one of the important aspects of the good website management. When even a single downtime can make your website go haywire, it is essential to get the best of uptime for your website.

Strangely enough – contrary to the popular beliefs, BlueHost does suffer from some instances of downtime. Hostinger, on the other hand, provides you a 100 percent uptime. A great performance for a service that has been not very popular.

Winner – Hostinger

Website Loading Speed

Do you know the best indicator of the performance of a website? It is the speed of loading pages. Website speed is what the user checks before anything else. No matter how much excellent or feature rich your site could be, it will make no use if the page does not load faster enough.

Here again, we noticed the performance being a good enough with Hostinger compared to BlueHost. BlueHost showed almost one third slower performance than Hostinger in our tests.

Winner – Hostinger

Help And Support

A hosting service provider, no matter how good, will not be efficient if it does not help you out with the solutions to the issues you may be facing. A company can gather customers with its features and pricing – but retaining the customers will solely depend upon the customer service.

Yet again, Hostinger works great. It offers you the best ever service in terms of customer care. The service offers you a 24 x 7 live chat support, You have access to the live chats quite quickly enough. BlueHost, on the other hand, has been drawing a lot of negative reviews when it comes to customer service. Such reviews do not necessarily go in favor of a company.

Winner – Hostinger

In Conclusion

Well, that was what we would conclude with respect to the comparison of BlueHost and Hostinger Hosting service providers. As you can see from the results we listed out in the above paragraphs, one would easily conclude that Hostinger is definitely the best hosting service provider in more ways than one.

The points that can go strongly against BlueHost would be the ill-qualified customer care service and the low response time. Hostinger wins over BlueHost in both these departments. Founded in 2004, Hostinger has indeed seen a growth that within a span of over 13 years and is your best option for all your requirements in a practical web hosting solution.

Have you used any of these hosting services while hosting your websites? If you have, do share your views and opinions with us. Your feedback will help us gather more information on the concepts behind hosting and hosting service providers.

I hope you All Like the Information about Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting Top Comparison with Packages 

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000Webhosting Review 2018 with All Features of Web hosting

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000Webhosting Review 2018

If you are new in the world of web hosting and want to test few your website, then 000Webhosting will be the best solution for you. 000webhost.com is best free web hosting provider which started its business in 2004. It is the first and famous free cloud web hosting provider offering great features and services to its users.

If you are new to the web hosting market and want to have the best open web hosting provider, then 000Webhosting will be the best option for you guys. If you’re going to experiment your personal or unnecessary websites, then you can get many benefits from 000Webhosting without paying a single penny.

000Webhosting Review 2018

Yes, it’s shocking, but it’s true that 000Webhosting is a free web host provider saving your money and providing you with the best services. 000Webhosting is the best place to come and start your small projects and later with significant benefits you can scale up with advanced premium web hosting plans.

The 000Webhosting offers its users some fantastic features that like free SSL domains, free templates, latest SSD storage, free third level domain hosting with PHP, free DDOS protection, uses cloud data AWX technology and free WordPress web hosting and many others. 000Webhosting is having millions of happy users all around the world taking benefits from it.

If you are looking for a 000Webhosting review, then you are at the right place. I am here to help you out. This post is about 000Webhosting review that will help you to know how beneficial 000Webhosting is. Just scroll down to know more about it.


Features of 000Webhosting


000webhosting web hosting plan features

The 000Webhosting is a free web hosting provider having multiple best features and services. It serves its customers in the best possible manner, and which is without any cost. Here are some of the fantastic features of 000Webhosting which are as follows:


  1. cPanel Control Panel: It is one the best feature that 000Webhosting is providing to its users. It is easy to use, and 000Webhosting is offering it free of cost. It is suitable for beginners also, so use this great feature of 000Webhosting and tests your websites well.
  2. No Web hosting cost: One of the best features of 000Webhosting is that it is entirely free web hosting provider which is the best thing for the newcomers and beginners. It saves your money and provides you with the best services.
  3. Full support for PHP with MySQL: Another feature of 000Webhosting is that it allows for proper support for PHP and MySQL that is of great use for the customers. The 000Webhosting provides the latest version of PHP with MySQL.
  4. 1500 MB disk space with 100 GB Data Transfer: The 000Webhosting offers 1.5 GB of free disk space to its users with 100 GB bandwidth.
  5. Supports Ads: The 000Webhosting also has the feature of supporting Ads. So you can add your ads on the websites without spending any charges.


Advantages of 000Webhosting:


The 000Webhosting comes up with some benefits that make it the best and famous free web hosting provider. To know about the advantages of 000Webhosting, just see the given below points:

  1. Quick Backups: The 000Webhosting provides proper backup system when we can efficiently use even if we lose our data. It has the inbuilt feature of instant backup that keeps the backup of your website.
  2. Supports Email: Another best advantage of 000Webhosting is that it provides full support for Email and webmail. This feature of 000Webhosting is also free of cost which is of great interest to its users.
  3. Fantastic Customer service: The 000Webhosting serves its users with best customer services. It provides answers to the customer’s queries and satisfies them with the best solutions. It provides instant response to all your questions and thus you can quickly solve your problems easily and quickly.
  4. User-Friendly: Another advantage of 000Webhosting is that it is user-friendly. It serves the users with many auto-installers that one can easily install without FTP.
  5. 99.9% uptime guarantee: The 000Webhosting provides 99% uptime guarantee which is free of cost and 99.9% for the premium package.


Disadvantages of 000Webhosting:


Although the 000Webhosting serves with the best solutions and services to its customers it also has some disadvantages which are listed as below:

  1. Weekly Backups: The 000Webhosting provides automated weekly backups which create problems for the users. Many hosting companies offer nightly backups while 000Webhosting delivers weekly backups.
  2. Removed websites without any notification: One of the disadvantages of 000Webhosting is that many users’ websites have come down without notice. Many users complained that their sites had been removed without any warning.
  3. Limited File uploads: Another problem that the 000Webhosting users are facing is that it eliminates specific files higher than 5MB without giving any notification to its users. Deleting user’s files without informing them is one of the major problems that users are facing.
  4. CPU Usage: The websites that have low traffic usually face the challenge of site redirected. The users got the message, you have exceeded your CPU limit that annoys many of the users.
  5. Slow FTP and DNS: Many of the 000Webhosting users are facing the problem of slow FTP connections and unresponsive DNS. There are many issues related to both FTP connections and DNS that is creating problems for the users.




The 000Webhosting is a free web hosting service providers serving many of the fantastic features to its users. According to many reviews of the people, they have said that they are pleased using 000Webhosting as it is serving many features without spending a single penny. According to another report of the people, they are pleased with the instant backup facility and customer support of the 000Webhosting. Not all the people reviewed positively; some said that the 000Webhosting uses an evil practice of removing websites without any notification that leads to many unwanted problems for the users. As every coin has two sides, in the same manner, the 000Webhosting has some positive aspects as well as negative on its users.

Hope so you enjoyed while reading this post. Like this post and leave your comments below so that we can come up with some better material for making our readers satisfied.

Hosting Domain Conference India 2018 Event for Internet Marketers

Web hosting

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Hosting Domain Conference 2018

One of the largest Hosting and Domain Conference 2018 is going to be held on 03 Feb 2018 at Radisson Hyderabad HITEC City. It is one of the largest conferences on web hosting and domain whose main motto is to resolve the various problems related to the issue.

Hosting Domain Conference India

It is one of the World’s top initiatives which are based on discussion on various recent activities in the field of the web technologies. It is a one-day event which will include more than 2000 delegates from different IT companies along with 30 speakers. The central topics of this grand discussion are going to be domain, blogging and web technologies.

   Get 40% Discount on HDCON Event coupon code  CVO40

The main vision of the organizers of this grand conference is to provide a perfect platform the various people for discussing on the related topics to web hosting, blogging, and other web technologies and to set a benchmark for other technology conferences also.

This hosting domain conference 2018 is going to be a great chance for all the growing companies to showcase their technologies on the largest platform by customizing stalls at the conference venue.

Reasons why you should attend Hosting and Domain Conference 

Hosting and domain conference is going to be a world’s top initiative for making a thorough discussion on the various issues and technologies related to domains, hosting, and blogging etc. Now, it is obvious to know when we already have as many of the web sources to collaborate and learn; then what is the exact need for attending Hosting and Domain Conference 2018.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity of reaching the next level under such a perception.  Here, we are going to provide you seven best reasons why you should go for attending this grand web technologies conference.

Get a boost: Hosting Domain Conference 2018 is going to be a perfect option for renewing your excitement about the work you are going to do. It is a global conference which will go to have more than 2000 delegates from different IT companies all over the globe.

It is going to be a huge opportunity for all the people who wanted to get accelerated their career with getting themselves aware of the new technologies and new techniques.

Yet, there is an entire world of information available on the internet today along with a large number of ways for creating and consuming contents but still, it is a different experience of learning more from the people and their experiences. It will just reignite your enthusiasm and get a boost up to your career.

Enhance the experience by meeting experts and influences face to face: HDCON 2018 is going to be a global conference and hence will include more than 2000 delegates and 30 speakers from the different IT companies. It would go to be a great opportunity for you to meet experts and influencers of the field face to face.

It would go to be a great chance for making interaction with them and discussing your business problems along with them. The expert’s advice will enable you to bring a drastic change in your business and much more. You will get to have panel discussions and sharing the view with the experts of the related field.

Learn about various industry trends and how they implemented: HDCON 2018 is going to be a great opportunity for the entire industrialist to create new connections and business networking opportunities with a large number of people.

It would go to provide you the largest platform for enhancing your business more and more by learning more about the various trends going on in the industry and how could you implement them in your business so as to extract best results from it.

It will also enable you to get connected with minded people and enable you to remain in touch with the various service providers. Attending such an event will enhance your industry knowledge base and provides you something valuable back along with you.

Networking Opportunities: Meeting with more than 2000 delegates and 30 speakers of different IT companies all over the world will enable you to create new connections and new networking opportunities for you at anytime. It is going to be a better source of meeting a large number of experts in your related field rather than that of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

HDCON 2018 is going to provide you a great opportunity for attendees for mixing and mingle to form new bonds, relationships and strengthen the previous ones. If you have any queries or problems related to your business you can also resolve them with the experts during the panel discussion.

Introduction to new tools: HDCON 2018 will also include the introduction of new tools to the world along with a hands-on demonstration of the tools in the stalls outside the venue. It is the perfect opportunity for meeting enthusiasts, domainers, bloggers, hosting companies, registry, registrars and a wider range of service providers.

The venue of the conference will include various stalls organized by different companies so as to well elaborate the new tools which will really help a lot for the beginners also.

Connect with the Likeminded people: There are very fewer chances of learning more and more and getting the positive feeling in the online process but the Hosting Domain Conference 2018 is going to provide you a lot of positivity and enthusiasm in you. It will also enable you to meet with the like-minded people and hence will surely help you in enhancing your skills more and more.

A lot of Fun: It is last for not the least reason to join HDCON 2018. Along with a lot of learning process, it will go to be the best place where no one is boss, on one is employee or client and all will have a fun together.


Key Benefits of HDCON 2018

  • It will enable you to raise the profile of your company and its brand awareness.
  • It will help you in enhancing your business more and more by gaining new business leads and better meetings with key prospects.
  • It will enable you to get a place for your company in the topmost ranking.
  • It is a perfect chance of associating your company with the topmost level event.

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