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All things You Should Know About Ipage

Buying a web host often means spending a long time scrolling through long comparison tables, full of technical jargon about ‘custom cron jobs’ and ModSecurity, and wondering why you should care.

IPage skips all of that with its all-in-one shared hosting plan. The company could also have a point. Not only does the plan have unmeasured web space and bandwidth, it also supports unlimited email addresses and can host as many websites as needed – a premium feature with almost every other host.

ipage webhosting review

Website builder features include one-click installation of WordPress and other apps, a simple drag and drop website builder (limited to 6 pages per site), and a separate builder optimized for mobile sites.

There is 24/7 phone and chat support, and a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Explore the fine details and you will find some potential little problems. There is no monthly billing, for example the shortest plan is one year. The Website Builder adds a brand link to your pages, unless you pay to update.

However, if you need all of these features, iPage seems like a great value, even compared to the big-name competition. HostGator’s similar Baby plan is almost double the price for the first three years at $ 3.95, and rolls over at $ 9.95.

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However, if you’re happy with a m

ore basic plan, keep in mind that when it comes time to renew, iPage isn’t that cheap. The GreenGeeksLite plan gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth for $ 2.95 a month for three years, and that’s the standard price – it won’t be quadrupled when you get your next bill.

What is iPage webhosting?

iPage presents itself as a quality hosting company, providing different types of services to complement each other’s tools and so that all clients can access the configurations they need to maintain their projects.

Although iPage has been active since its launch, it began to have more popularity after 2009 when it was re-launched. Today it is positioned as one of the best hosting companies and has around 2 million sites hosted on its servers.

Ipage Hosting

Within this hosting, you can find different services that will help you carry out your projects quickly and easily. All the tools used to create web pages are included in all the hosting packages. You can also select site builders to build both traditional and basic pages as well as innovative and complex pages.

In case you need to use multimedia on your website, you should know that iPage is compatible with Real Audio and video, Midi File, Macromedia Shockwave and Flash.

Do you need to position your sites? That is not a problem because the hosting has different tools that you can use to improve SEO, such as credits in Google AdWords, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Online Performance

It has around 800 Dell-branded servers installed. Both centres have security 24 hours a day and generators to avoid inconveniences due to loss of energy. Its entire infrastructure is equipped with data duplication systems to avoid downtime problems.

Green Web Hosting

Within the iPage website you will notice that it has the active Green Web Hosting logo, what is it about?

In the case of iPage, it has the aforementioned certificate using clean and renewable energy for the maintenance of the hosting. This does not mean that the performance of the service decreases, since the servers function optimally with a combination of energies that allows to provide optimal tools and take care of the environment.

How to Create an Account on iPage web hosting?

In this iPage review you can find different hosting features and the actions you need to keep your project online. In the case of the procedure you need to do to start working with iPage, it is very simple and you just have to follow a few simple steps:

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STEP 1: Enter the page

When you enter the web you must select the button that takes you to the registration, you will see it at the beginning with the information of the offer they have at the moment.

STEP 2: Choose the Plan

Traditionally, the Essential Plan offer will be selected automatically, but from there you can choose the add-ons you want to increase the volume of features that will be added to your account.

STEP 3: Complete the personal data

In this step you only have to enter your personal information, the payment information and select the length of stay you want to hire.

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iPage webhosting Features

In this section, we will analyze the main features of how iPage hosting works.

Web Hosting: It is the traditional and most popular service. Below you will be presented with the specifications of the Essential plan.

In general, unlimited space, unlimited domain hosting, registration and free security system are incorporated. It also has a simple site builder including script libraries and a complete control panel with themes and plugins for you to install. It is important to know that all hosting plans have the possibility of using this content manager, however this iPageWordPress Hosting package is optimized to run with speed, security and hundreds of tools to customize your page to suit you.

iPage VPS: In iPage you can access one of the virtual private servers, those in which all the server resources are assigned to a single client. You can customize the service according to the magnitude of your project.

Dedicated Hosting: It is the last option of lodging that is available in the hosting. In this case you will have a physical server available for you alone. There are three combos with different categories:

Startup: 2 core processor, 4gb RAM, 500gb hard drive and 5tb of bandwidth.

Professional: 4-core processor, 8gb of RAM, 1000 gigs of storage and 10tb bandwidth.

Enterprise: It has a 16-core processor, the hard disk space is 1tb and the bandwidth is 15tb.


IPage’sWordPress plans, priced at $ 3.75 per month for three years, $ 7.49 on renewal, enhance your shared hosting by pre-installing WordPress, a collection of themes and plugins, and a custom WordPress dashboard. The company says its WordPress platform ‘has been designed to increase loading speed by up to 2.5 times’, and the premium plan ($ 6.95 a month initially, $ 10.49 on renewal) includes specialized WordPress support, SiteLock-based security, and automatic malware removal.

This is very cheap, you can sometimes pay more for standard shared hosting, but the list of features is a bit short.

As an alternative, SiteGround’s shared hosting plan (from $ 5.95 a month renewing to $ 11.95) has a performance-boosting Nginx and Memcached-based SuperCacher setup, and includes WordPress staging, a convenient way to edit. your project offline without affecting the production site.

The IONOS ‘One’ WordPress plan has very basic specs (10GB storage and supports only one website) but includes staging, daily cloud backups and smart WordPress plugin updates, and is priced at $ 15 billed monthly (no long-term contract required).

These are managed plans (iPage takes care of the technical administration of the VPS for you), so the prices are not bad, but you will get more choice and control elsewhere. Hostwinds has ten top plans, on managed and unmanaged Windows and Linux, and if you know what you’re doing, you can get a basic unmanaged VPS for as low as $ 5 a month.

It’s a similar story with iPage’s dedicated servers. They may be underpowered – the $ 119.99 starter plan ($ 149.99 on renewal) gives you a 2-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB of disk space, and 5TB of bandwidth, but you don’t really know. They stand out in no way, and you find cheaper, more powerful, and configurable servers elsewhere.

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IPage’s shared hosting is very cheap, so it should probably come as no surprise that the company tries to increase its rates with a variety of optional extras.

We opt for accommodation only, enter our contact details and pay via PayPal (card payments are also supported).

Some hosts make you wait while they activate an account, but not iPage. A postpaid website told us to wait a minute, and less than a minute later, our account was activated and we were good to go.

iPage uses the vDeck control panel. This looks a bit like cPanel: icons for various site administration tasks on the left, key server settings, and details on the left, but it doesn’t have as many features and can be more cumbersome to use.

VDeck hasn’t been updated in a long time either, and since the website is now dead, we suspect it won’t see much development in the future either.

Notices like ‘Configure Outlook 2011’ in the MailCentral dashboard left us wondering how often iPage updated the service. And there is also a strong focus on upselling, with many icons redirecting us to other websites recommending that we buy more stuff.

It’s very basic, features just the essential basics, and is limited to six pages, but the templates are fine, and we had an online starter site in minutes.

Mojo Marketplace takes care of one-click WordPress installs and other apps, which means there’s some aggressive marketing to navigate. Just opening the Mojo Marketplace window generated a ‘welcome’ email a few moments later, and after setting up an app, Mojo goes out of his way to try and convince you to buy something. However, it generally does a good job of installing everything you need, and once your application is up and running, you won’t have to use the market again.

If you are setting up your site manually, a sidebar gives you useful account information: IP, name servers, and mail servers. Icons like FTP, File Manager, and MySQL Databases point you to key creation tools,

Ipage SUPPORT service for

Website management can be tricky, no matter how experienced you are, but iPage’s knowledge base is just one click away from the control panel.

You can search for articles by a variety of topics: account, domains, email, security, WebsiteBuilder, more, or enter keywords in a search box to find matches

As you type, the site displays relevant articles. We typed ‘WordPress’, and a drop-down list featured articles on moving sites to WordPress, backing up your site, fixing common problems, and more.

There is a lot of useful content here, but it seems poorly ordered The article ‘how to install WordPress via FTP’ was at the top of our list, for example, and we suspect that if you are a beginner or an expert, that is not a topic you want to read first.

The site also seems to have some bugs. Dissatisfied with WordPress matches, we tapped ‘See all results’ at the bottom of the list, and a new browser tab opened at a different KB URL, but no matches. We wrote WordPress again and a keyword match list appeared; We chose WordPress, and a full list of articles appeared, and this time we were able to browse them directly.

The quality of the item is mixed. Some tutorials are helpful, but others are very short, poorly formatted, and look like they haven’t been updated in a long time (we found a screenshot dated 2014).

Often the articles will cover only the bare minimum necessary to help you. The best providers can give you step-by-step instructions on how to change your domain name servers at GoDaddy, Tucows, FastDomain, and others, for example; iPage only links you to,, etc., and lets you figure out the rest for yourself.

There’s not always a lot of help from the website, and that could be a problem when you’re trying to solve a complex task, step by step. There is no substitute for a quality web tutorial that you can browse and follow in your own time.

However, IPage does have a 24/7 live chat and phone support. We opened a live chat window, an agent showed up within a couple of minutes and quickly gave us an accurate answer to our WordPress setup question. 24/7 phone support is only available from a US number, but if that’s not an issue, we’ve found calls answered quickly, and agents do a fair job of solve the most common problems.

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You can spend all the money you want on a web host, create an attractive site with the best possible web technology, but it won’t mean a thing if your website is always down or underperforming.

Every five minutes, tries to download the home page of a simple test website, recording the results and how long it takes for the server to respond.

What kind of products does iPage offer?

IPage’s shared hosting plans are very popular, but they are not the only ones. We will inform you about all services related to the accommodation.

Domain names can be purchased directly from iPage. The .com domain name for the first year is priced at $ 9.99 and will cost $ 17.99 after renewal. Dozens of domain name extensions are available, including rare ones like .coach and .bargains.

Its shared hosting package is very popular and its initial price is very attractive to some people. This type of hosting is called sharing because it shares the server (and its resources) with other clients. After renewal, the 12-month plan costs $ 8.99 per month, which isn’t too cheap.

There is also shared hosting optimized for WordPress. With this WordPress hosting, they are trying to attract WordPress site owners. To be honest, I don’t know what the benefits of this plan are, except that it comes pre-installed with WordPress and some plugins. The basic iPageWordPress hosting plan renewal price is $ 9.49 per month.

However, if you need a hosting service that you can customize based on your technology needs (for example, if you use an unusual programming language), you can see one of the iPage VPS plans. They start at about $ 25 a month.

Finally, iPage also has a dedicated server that you can use if you need more resources or if you are hosting a very large site. Basically you have a complete server for you. However, a dedicated hosting plan starts at about $ 140 a month on iPage, which can be quite expensive.

iPage offers different concepts in shared hosting plans. Only one package contains all the features. This greatly simplifies your choice by eliminating the need to choose between one level of accommodation and another, depending on the options you need.

Unlike other EIG products like HostGator, we don’t offer a monthly plan. You can choose from 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year offers. But to be honest, there is no big difference in price. In the past, they offered larger discounts for longer transactions.

One thing to keep in mind is that in iPage, “unlimited” usually comes with a complete list of phrases / exceptions. For example, set an inode count for the number of files you can hold (databases, emails, images, etc.).

As we will see later, due to a slight lack of hosting services (for example, if the backup system is inadequate), some add-ons will be introduced into the payment basket during the purchasing process (see image below). ). ):sharp!

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ipage improves the purchasing process

What’s more, iPage suggests purchasing the service for 3 years by default. This is the longest deal we offer. Please be sure to check before payment.

There are quite a few dubious things around that price, but what I care most about is $ 100 when asking to restore a website from one of the backups. That’s what you have to pay.

And of course, the price will increase significantly after the first period, so make sure you agree to the renewal price (see table above).

Here’s a quick explanation of what you think is the biggest strength and weakness of iPage shared hosting.


Very Cheap Phase 1: The Phase 1 of iPage is as cheap as a tip.

Simple plan structure-There is only one plan, so it should not be confused with different plans and features.

Modern-looking panels: Not the easiest to use, but the iPage panels look great and are very intuitive.

High price at update: iPage costs about 3 times after update

Aggressive Upsell-The checkout process and backend are packed with upgrade tips and unwanted add-ons.

Poor Performance-Unfortunately, iPage is one of the worst performing hosting providers I’ve tried.

Insufficient Backup-If you need to back up your website, you need to buy a backup plugin.

Support might have been better-in my experience, your support may have been more helpful and faster.

However, you may be wondering when iPage is recommended.

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iPage provides a number of integrations with popular platforms and suites to help you improve your performance and security.

iPage seems to have all the hosting essentials more or less covered, especially for novice webmasters who should be able to set up a complete hosting solution from scratch.


SiteLock is a set of tools to provide essential security and performance improvement functions for any website.

iPage’s “Essential WP Plan” (for WordPress) includes a customized version of the SiteLock security suite for free . You will be given access to your own SiteLock dashboard where you can view website statistics and even set up a SiteLock security badge to display on your website. You can also hire the services of a security professional to clean up your hacked website (for a fee) through the “SiteLock911” service.


iPage has a basic version of Google Analytics built into the dashboard so you can quickly see visitor statistics such as where they came from, for what period of time, and how they interacted with your website.

You can also easily activate additional analysis tools such as AWStats or Webalizer.


iPage provides Roundcube Email Hosting with their shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans. Your email comes with all the essential features including IMAP / POP3, SSL, and autoresponder support, plus setup steps for email clients like Outlook and Gmail. You’ll also get free Constant Contact Email Marketing Campaigns for three months .


The WordPress Sandbox provides a way to test changes to your website without affecting the current version live. A copy of your website is saved on your local hard drive so that you can install

It mostly does well by being easy to use, from the sign up process to setting up your first WordPress website through the simple hosting panel.


As a new webmaster, you may find complicated control panels like cPanel and Plesk confusing. That is why iPage offers its own administration panel that makes it easy to manage the most important aspects of your accommodation without being overwhelmed by information.

While it provides easy navigation to essential hosting features, the dated dashboard could definitely do the trick with a design overhaul.

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When do you use iPage hosting?

Due to its poor performance and lack of functionality, iPage is difficult to strongly recommend (more on this below). However, if your personal project requires a cheap hosting service for 3 years, iPage may be a good choice.

it’s a good option for students (first semester) who don’t have much budget and need affordable accommodation. Still, other solutions like DreamHost offer similar prices and much better performance.

When do you not use iPage?

Anyone with a serious online project will be discouraged from choosing iPage. I think poor performance can be a problem for the user experience and SEO. What’s more, slow support isn’t just frustrating when you have hosting-related issues.

IPage backup plugin

There is no backup function, so you need to purchase a backup plugin. At some point (for example, if the site fails to update the plugin), I’m sure you need to revert to an earlier version of the site.

Like many other competitors, iPage does not offer Windows-based hosting. Check InMotion hosting or A2 hosting as needed.

Finally, enthusiastic developers and teams will not like the lack of SSH access, staging space, and server-side cache.

Quick summary and verdict: Should host on iPage?


  • Ultra cheap price: 100-200% cheaper than its peers
  • Free one year domain for all new customers
  • Newbie friendly – hassle-free onboarding process
  • Flexibility to grow – upgrade to VPS later
  • The quality of live chat support meets expectations
  • Good billing practices


  • Mix up the results in the server speed test, with a grade of C on Bitcatcha
  • Prices go up to $ 8.99 / mo when renewed
  • Limited website building features (6 pages only)
  • Unlimited hosting limited by other restrictions.
  • There is no free site migration for new customers.
  • Not so useful help documents
  • Pushy selling plan and overpriced website builder.

The best way it can summarize iPage is by saying that it makes hosting management easy for almost everyone , including novice webmasters, thanks to its own simplified control panel. Despite this, this provider offers powerful features and all plans come with premium care live chat.

In conclusion, iPage is best suited for beginner and intermediate webmasters with small to medium-sized websites.

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iPage coupon 2021 for cheap hosting plan grab it soon

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting Top Comparison with Packages

Web hosting

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Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting

Blogging is one of the major sources of online income. However, if you want to be a successful blogger, you need to take care in choosing the best possible hosting service. It can indeed be a daunting task given the fact that there are several options available. Here is a helping hand that we would lend you. This article provides you a comparison between Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting Services

A Head To Head Comparison Between BlueHost and Hostinger

In many cases, hosting service providers overlook the quality and pay attention to functionality and design. It would, thus, be important to note the difference between different hosting service providers for a proper understanding of the usability and functionality of the host of service providers.

Let us check out the two major Hosting services viz BlueHost and Hostinger from different perspectives.
Video for More info

Pricing and Plans

Among BlueHost and Hostinger, the latter appears to be more affordable. It would be important to point it out here that the service also offers you a free hosting service as well. Apart from low pricing, Hostinger also comes with multiple tenure options.

Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting

BlueHost offers you just three options of 12 months, 24 months and 36 months subscription plans. Hostinger, on the other hand, offers you six different plans to choose from – right from three months to 48 months.

hostinger Vs Bluehost

Winner – Hostinger


The server uptime should play an important role in any of the hosting service providers. The level of the economy at the current times makes it one of the important aspects of the good website management. When even a single downtime can make your website go haywire, it is essential to get the best of uptime for your website.

Strangely enough – contrary to the popular beliefs, BlueHost does suffer from some instances of downtime. Hostinger, on the other hand, provides you a 100 percent uptime. A great performance for a service that has been not very popular.

Winner – Hostinger

Website Loading Speed

Do you know the best indicator of the performance of a website? It is the speed of loading pages. Website speed is what the user checks before anything else. No matter how much excellent or feature rich your site could be, it will make no use if the page does not load faster enough.

Here again, we noticed the performance being a good enough with Hostinger compared to BlueHost. BlueHost showed almost one third slower performance than Hostinger in our tests.

Winner – Hostinger

Help And Support

A hosting service provider, no matter how good, will not be efficient if it does not help you out with the solutions to the issues you may be facing. A company can gather customers with its features and pricing – but retaining the customers will solely depend upon the customer service.

Yet again, Hostinger works great. It offers you the best ever service in terms of customer care. The service offers you a 24 x 7 live chat support, You have access to the live chats quite quickly enough. BlueHost, on the other hand, has been drawing a lot of negative reviews when it comes to customer service. Such reviews do not necessarily go in favor of a company.

Winner – Hostinger

In Conclusion

Well, that was what we would conclude with respect to the comparison of BlueHost and Hostinger Hosting service providers. As you can see from the results we listed out in the above paragraphs, one would easily conclude that Hostinger is definitely the best hosting service provider in more ways than one.

The points that can go strongly against BlueHost would be the ill-qualified customer care service and the low response time. Hostinger wins over BlueHost in both these departments. Founded in 2004, Hostinger has indeed seen a growth that within a span of over 13 years and is your best option for all your requirements in a practical web hosting solution.

Have you used any of these hosting services while hosting your websites? If you have, do share your views and opinions with us. Your feedback will help us gather more information on the concepts behind hosting and hosting service providers.

I hope you All Like the Information about Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting Top Comparison with Packages 

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Interserver Hosting Review

Web hosting

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            Interserver is affordable and a leading managed web hosting, cloud VPS hosting, dedicated server, and colocation provider. As a leading web hosting provider, Interserver will provide innovative services and products to its customers. The Interserver has thousands and thousands of happy customers, which includes more than 500 + fortune companies (both domestic and international). Moreover, the Interserver hosting offers around the clock customer support with live representatives available 24/7

            Interserver hosting is a New Jersey-based company that was formed in the year of 1999 and during the initial days, Interserver was focused on reselling web hosting plans, then they have since grown to the point where their focus is on web hosting. And today, Interserver does everything that is related to the hosting business and they use high-quality hardware which has become great for web hosting.

 Nowadays, most of the companies, both the beginners and pro, prefer Interserver for their hosting and the Interserver hosting offers nine different types of hosting services. Here we are going to see the top features and complete review of the Interserver hosting.

Features of the Interserver Hosting

            Before getting into the features of the Interserver hosting, we should know the types of hosting services offered by the Interserver. It has the cheapest yet amazing plans at different levels which suit the different need and you can choose and pay only for the resources that you need. Here are the different types of hosting plans.

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Colocation Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Quick Servers Hosting
  • Custom Hosting

Shared Hosting

If you are looking for the basic shared hosting plan, then you can go for this and choose from the three options that they are providing. It includes unlimited transfer, storage, e-mail, and also comes with free SSL certificates as well. The standard plan is likely to meet your needs in case if you are just started or if you have light traffic. The second plan in shared hosting is, Windows/ASP.NET; this plan is similar to the standard plan but all the servers run Microsoft products instead of Linux-based software or open-source. The name of the third plan is WordPress; this plan is specially meant for hosting a WordPress site. It is also similar to the other two plan but it includes additional features like version control, daily backups, and anti-virus protection. Remember you can also host your WordPress site by using the other two plans, but the WordPress plan has additional features than those two.

            Some of the features of the shared hosting plans are 24/7 customer support (via e-mail, phone call, or live chat), free backup, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and free site migration (from your current host to Interserver). You can register or transfer your domain with the purchase of any web hosting package and especially for the cheap price. It is easy to use and you will get high-quality physical infrastructure which is directly managing by Interserver.

VPS Hosting

            In today’s world, VPS hosting has become one of the most popular and the best hosting solutions available on the internet. VPS hosting occurs when a large server is divided into a small number of virtual servers and each will act as an independent environment. With the VPS hosting, you have a set amount of resources which are dedicated to your needs. And in VPS hosting plans, Interserver offers two flavours one is Linux and another one is Windows. Interserver call each instance of VPS as a slice, so once you have selected your slice you can opt for a lot of resources that are available to you.

            Some of the great features of the VPS hosting are instant provisioning (like you can get and run your VPS solution in few seconds), 99.9% guaranteed uptime, easy scalability (you can easily add or manage additional slices by using your control panel, and full root access (you can install and customize any software that you need to optimize your hosting experience).

Cloud Hosting

            In cloud hosting, the data will be stored across a number of different web servers in the cloud instead of storing it on a single shared or dedicated server. Cloud hosting will be a great option for small businesses that may need to scale up easily and quickly. And it includes all the standard features of the other plans but as we talked before this is meant and great for small businesses.

Dedicated Hosting

            The dedicated hosting plan of the Interserver offers great performance, a high level of reliability, and supports heavy traffic. Even the servers support the devices or applications that do not support virtualization. Also, you can choose any flavour of Unix, Linux, or Windows for your Operating System.

            The dedicated hosting plan comes with 5 IP addresses, a transfer rate of 10 TB, 100 MB or 1 GB port, data migration assistance, and 24/7 uptime monitoring. You can start and run your plan within four hours, and there are different flavours available in a dedicated hosting plan, so you can choose according to your need.

Colocation Hosting

            The colocation hosting is for those who want to have the flexibility, power, and performance of a dedicated server while having control over the physical infrastructure. In the colocation hosting, you will get a single server with the plans at the low end, and with the plans at the high end, you can gey full, closed cabinet.

            You will get a lot of amazing features with this colocation hosting plans, especially high security, and high bandwidth. Moreover, you are allowed to access your resources and a prime location from one of the Interserver’s New Jersey datacentres.

Reseller Web Hosting

            Interserver offers five different reseller web hosting packages and the primary difference between those five packages is the amount of disk space allotted and the maximum amount of bandwidth that you can use. Apart from this, it is more or less similar.

Additional Interserver Features

            Apart from the regular hosting plans, there are also a number of other great features provided by the Interserver and that makes the Interserver unique from their competitors. Here are the few lists of additional features provided by the Interserver.

  • Interserver price lock guarantee

The company’s price lock guarantee is one of the greatest reasons for choosing Interserver hosting to your business. This feature will let you lock a price; for example, you can lock the monthly fee that you agree and that will be the same fee that you pay for the entire time as a customer. In simple words, you do not need to worry about the hike in hosting prices ever again. Moreover, this feature is great for small-sized and mid-sized companies; as it guarantees you price stability, immunity from inflation, and effective budgeting.

  • Fast site loading via CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN is a group of servers that dotted around the world, which works together to provide the fastest delivery of internet content to users around the world. Also, you can get a CDN service for free as well as paid. The key benefits of CDN services are security, speed, analytics, and financial benefits.

  • ASP.NET hosting

ASP.NET is a framework which designed by Microsoft that enables web developers to design websites, web services, and applications. For the speedy development of the business applications, it uses a templated approach.


ASP.NET MVC is the newer version of the ASP.NET, and this ASP.NET MVC is also popular among the developers. MVC is a Model-View-Controller, which is a model that separates the business input, logic, and presentation aspects of an application. This also helps to speed up the process of your development.

Is Interserver Right for You?

            Apart from all of these features, Interserver is the best when it comes to hosting and it is meant to fulfil various needs. One of the best things about the Interserver is its price package; they offer a variety of plans at an affordable price. Moreover, there is a 30-days money-back guarantee option, so if you are not satisfied with the Interserver, you can cancel your subscription and get your money back. So, you can give a try and you will see a drastic change in your business within a short period of time, and the excellent customer support team will be there to resolve your issues with the Interserver.


Interserver is your go-to web hosting service. This is because Interserver offers its users. A lot of pros over cons. In fact, it is one of the best web hosting services making it a really awesome choice to go for. But it is common to have doubts regarding the usefulness of Interserver what it brings to the table and what gives it an advantage over other web hosting services. So here is a list of pros that you can obtain when you use Interserver. These oughts to convince you regarding why you should opt for Interserver over other web hosting services:

  1. Interserver offers free site-migration, while this is a paid feature in most web hosting services
  2. The control panel of Interserver is very user friendly and this is why it is more sought after compared to other web hosting services
  3. Interserver offers its users free backups
  4. Interserver is one of the few web hosting services that have a high-quality physical infrastructure
  5. The biggest pro with Interserver is that it offers 99.99 percent of uptime
  6. Interserver offers its users one-click installation, making it easier now to get your favourite applications and software without much hassle
  7. Interserver offers its users a 30 days money-back guarantee
  8. Interserver offers unlimited storage
  9. It offers unlimited bandwidth
  10. It has a super-fast response time
  11. Top of the class customer service and documentation
  12. Interserver helps you save lots of money as it offers cheaper plans despite the various features which would otherwise cost a lot
  13. Interserver comes with 9 different types of hosting plans
  14. Interserver guarantees ease of scalability
  15. It is the best web hosting service for conduction of online business
  16. Interserver guarantees very powerful security
  17. Billing is on a monthly basis, so users do not need to sign any long-term contracts


As a matter of fact, everything has its own pros and cons, like that Interserver hosting also has some cons, but when compared to the pros, it is only very few. The major drawback of the Interserver hosting is, however, we consider the Interserver package as full-featured, it may not include the extras that other providers might. For instance, if you are choosing a shared plan, there is no uptime guarantee for it. Also, the Interserver charges for the addition of cPanel in your VPS or educated hosting solution. When it comes to normal usage, it is entirely fine, like it is not the biggest negative thing or something. Moreover, we can easily manage this drawback, and also, we can go for other alternatives. Like if you are comfortable with using the command line to manage your servers then this is fine, but if you prefer a GUI-based control panel then you should consider the extra payment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now it is quite common to have a lot of specific questions about Interserver. It is good to get them clarified; everyone has a right to information. So here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Interserver:

1. What is the meaning of the Price-lock guarantee of Interserver?

One of the most amazing features of Interserver is its price-lock guarantee. But you may be wondering what it means? Price-lock guarantee refers to the fact that the monthly fee that one agrees upon while signing up is the same fee that they can pay for their entire lifetime.

2. What are the top features of Interserver?

Interserver is known for offering a wide range of amazing features. They are:

  • 99.99 percent uptime
  • Free backups
  • Free site migration
  • 24/7 customer care support
  • User-friendly controls
  • Top-quality physical infrastructure
  • One-click installation
  • Top performance
  • High-speed response

3. What are the 9 types of hosting plans offered by Interserver?

The best thing about Interserver that sets it apart from other web hosting services is that

Interserver offers its users 9 types of hosting plans. They are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Colocation Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Quick Servers Hosting
  • Custom Hosting

4. How good is Interserver’s customer support?

One of the best features of Interserver is its top of the class customer support. Interserver has an amazing support service that has received lots of positive testimonials.

5. How does the customer support team of Interserver operate?

Unlike most other web hosting support teams, the Interserver customer support team works from Secaucus, New Jersey, and is available via phone, email, and live chat to offer support services to its users 24/7.

6. Does Interserver offer free trials?

No, Interserver does not offer its users free trials. But it does offer its users a 30 days money-back guarantee. Plus, its billing process is not as strict and rigid as that of most other web hosting services.

7. What are the benefits of the Interserver price-lock guarantee?

Interserver’s price-lock guarantee offers its users the following benefits:

  • A stable price tags
  • Easy and malleable budgeting
  • Resistance to inflation
  • The best deal
  • It is especially useful for small businesses

8. Does Interserver offer a money-back guarantee?

Interserver does not offer its users a free trial like most other web hosting services, but it compensates for that con with a money-back guarantee. But the money-back guarantee is available only for the first month and has a guarantee period of 30 days.

9. How much uptime does Interserver guarantee to its users?

Interserver offers its users 99.99 percent uptime. This means that users never have to worry about their website or blog crashing. The risk of their blog or website crashing is only 0.01 against 100, all thanks to Interserver.

10. Does Interserver offer free domains?

Unlike most other web hosting services, Interserver does not offer its users free domains. But it does offer incredible discount prices for purchasing domain addresses.

11. How dedicated is Interserver to its existing customers?

Interserver only allows 100 signups per day. This way Interserver can better help both its new and existing customers with their doubts and issues, by offering dedicated customer care services.

12. What are the benefits of Interserver’s super-secure infrastructure?

The super secure physical infrastructure of Interserver offers its users the following benefits:

  • Servers are highly secured and protected
  • 99.99 percent uptime
  • 100 percent power uptime
  • The company functions 24/7, all 365 days of the year

13. What are the benefits of Interserver’s dedicated hosting plans?

Interserver offers its users the best-dedicated hosting plans. These guarantee the

following benefits:

  • The best performance
  • High level of reliability
  • Supports heavy traffic
  • Supports almost all applications and operating systems
  • Gives users full control

14. What features do Interserver’s dedicated hosting plans offer to its users?

Interserver’s dedicated hosting plans offer its users some of the best features. This includes:

  • 100 MB port or 1 GB port
  • 5 IP addresses
  • 10 TB transfer rate
  • 24/7 guaranteed uptime
  • Highly functional control panel
  • Assistance with data migration

15. What are Interserver’s ‘Quick Servers’?

Interserver has what is known as ‘Quick Servers’. These Quick Servers are fully dedicated servers that run KVM virtualization and offer a very short setup time of only 20 minutes.

16. How flexible are Interserver’s custom hosting plans?

The current hosting plans of Interserver are very flexible, this is thanks to:

  • A simple pricing schemes
  • No long-term contract requirement
  • Price-lock guarantee

17. What are the billing policies of Interserver?

The billing policies of Interserver are very flexible. This can be owed to its simple, easy pricing scheme that is supported by a price-lock guarantee; users need only pay the fee that they initially agreed upon along with Interserver, for their entire lifetime.

18. What are the cancellation policies of Interserver?

Interserver does not impose a long-term subscription contract on its clients and hence clients can easily choose to cancel Interserver subscriptions if they are dissatisfied with it.

19. Does Interserver demand its users to sign long-term billing contracts?

No, Interserver does not impose a long-term billing contract on its clients. Its clients are free to cancel their subscription to Interserver at any time. This is thanks to the fact that Interserver encourages its clients to subscribe for its services on a month to month basis, instead of for years as in most other web hosting services.

20. What are the additional benefits that Interserver offers its users?

Interserver offers its users a set of additional benefits that no other web hosting services are known to offer. These additional benefits are unique to Interserver. They include:

  • Interserver Price-lock guarantee
  • Faster site loading (thanks to Content Delivery Network/CDN)
  • ASP.NET hosting


            After all these, we have reached the conclusion, and so far we have seen the hosting plans, features, pros, cons, and even FAQ of the Interserver hosting. Now you will have a mental framework towards the Interserver. Like as we discussed before when it comes to hosting services, Interserver hosting is the best that you can get. It offers a variety of great features which will meet up all kind of your needs.

 Interserver hosting is meant for the development of business, whether it is a smaller one or the bigger one, domestic one or the international one, the Interserver fulfills every need and speeds up the development & growth of a business. Price is also not a problem in the Interserver when compared to most of the other hosting services, Interserver is quite affordable, moreover, they are offering a wide range of great features within an affordable budget. The final verdict of the review is, Interserver is an easily scalable hosting service and a seasoned host that you must try put with your business for its growth and success.

Octopus Revolution Review + Bonus


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Octopus Revolution

Product nameOctopus Revolution
VendorTom Yevsikov et al
Front-end price$47
Release Date2020-Jun-13
Release Time11:00 EDT
RecommendedVery High
Skill levels neededNo need any skills
SupportEffective Response
BonusesMega 400 Bonuses Value At $164,715
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

Octopus Revoltion Review

Here I am going to dive in the deep sea of Octopus Revolution Review so if you came here to seek the most authentic review then you are at one of the best review site on Internet, Please do not leave without reading the ultimate Octopus Revolution Review .

First of All I would like Explain all those people who dont know Octopus Revolution or are a new Marketer in this big ocean of Internet Marketing the basic idea about Octopus Revolution  .

What is Octopus Revolution ?

Octopus Revolution is a new revolutionary 4 in 1 system “SPYTube Spy Tool + International Training + SEO Workshop + App for Creating High-Converting Thumbnails” that will allow you to transform youtube into a profit making machine. 

Now Comes the Tricky Part of the Blog ( Octopus Revolution Review )

*Pros of Octopus Revolution

  • Easy-to-understand training 
  • Created by a top Internet Marketer 
  • Evergreen methods 
  • NO technical skills or experience required 
  • Newbie friendly 
  • Refund within 30 days of purchase 

*Cons of Octopus Revolution

  • Early Bird Discount is running away.
  • Іt’s available for sales on its offісіal website onlу .
  • No other Cons found till now .

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000webhost review 2020 Free Web hosting and Quality Services

review, Web hosting

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000webhost review 2020

If you want to make it big in the blogging arena, the first thing that you should consider is how to choose a good web hosting service. Looking for free web hosting service can be a daunting task indeed. Simply because of a huge range of options you have at your disposal. If you think you have been stuck and cannot choose a best free web hosting service, we would let you know about one of the best options you can go for. 000webhost Review and choose the best 

000webhost review

000webhost – What it is?

As you should be aware of the name itself, 000webhost is a service that would help you get the hosting service for free. The service found itself being launched in 2007 and has risen to become one of the preferred web hosting services in a shorter span of time.

In fact, the service has premium plans as well. However, the free plan works best for all your hosting requirements.

000webhoat Review Video

Some Salient Features of 000WebHost

Some of the best features that make it one of the great options can be summarised as here below –

  • Free Hosting

That is precisely what makes it one of the prime features of the service. A free service is usually associated with unwanted ads and slower functionality. However, 000webhost does not trouble you in those areas.

You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB per month of data transfers. That should suffice the needs of a blog or a small personal website. You will also get a free cPanel and two MySQL databases with your free plan.

  • Support

The support is generally in the form of a forum. You also have access to phone and live chat support. But, we liked the forum section quite a lot. That is more so because of the quick responses you can be assured of on the support forums.

The support forums are also available in multiple languages like Spanish and German.

  • Excellent Sight Builder

Unlike other web hosting services, 000webhost service is blessed with a SiteReptile Builder. The builder offers you several high-performance add-ons.

You also get a host of design templates. These can go a long way in improving the look and feel along with the functionality of your website.

Flowers and Brickbats

Well, we mean the pros and cons of the hosting service by that word. As with any service or tool, the 000webhost also has its own share of the positive and negative traits. We will list out a few of them so that you can have a good understanding of the service.


  • Free Hosting is one of the prime features that makes it a great hosting service.
  • Great support channels. However, if you are a free user – you can only opt for support forum, while email and live chat support will be available for the paid users.
  • The service provides you a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.
  • Pricing is the best that 000webhost provides you in comparison to other hosting services. Even the premium plans are available at $ 3.99 to $ 10.
  • Auto installers provided with the tool help you install over 50 scripts even without FTP.
  • You can run your own ads on your website. Their strategy is to help you make money from your site and then convert you into a premium member.
  • Great cPanel on the service is indeed quite excellent. You have the support for auto install scripts like WordPress, Joomla and Magento.


  • The servers are not owned by the service provider. Since the servers lack the in-house data center feature, that would mean a slower support.
  • The service offers shared hosting only. This may be a concern if you find your site traffic increasing in an exponential manner. That would mean you may need to opt for a dedicated server from some other service provider.
  • Lack of regular backups can be another issue you may face. While other service providers offer you a nightly backup, 000webhost is limited to weekly backups. If some unforeseen events make you lose the data on your site midweek, you may have to work everything yet again.
  • The service removes your sites without any notice if it is found to be in violation of any stipulations. Maybe it is okay to suspend services for not meeting the terms of service, but deleting the complete content without even letting the members save their data is indeed uncalled for.

The Summary

Would you love to opt  for 000webhsot hosting service? Well, even with the cons indicated above – we will definitely suggest you opt for the free web hosting services. If you do not have much data to consume and have a small to medium sized website, 000webhost can be your perfect option.

If you are starting off with running a website, this can be your good option to make a head start. Support is yet another feature that would have its own added advantages. We are sure that using it can help you develop your skills in running a website – whether a small business site or a blog or even a personal website.

Have you used it for your building your website? If you have, we would welcome you to share your views and opinions with us. We will always appreciate your feedback.and for Your Golden Suggestion too

I hope you Like the Article on 000webhost review , after Reading the Article you must Try the free Web hosting of it.They Have Amazing support Services,after your Satisfy with free Service you Can upgrade to Premium Web hosting too. Its one of the best Plan for Newbie who want to start a new Website. Must try Free Web hosting.

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ResellerClub review 2020 With Pros and Cons of Web hosting

IPvanish coupon with Detail IPvanish VPN Review 2018 grab now

Dedicated Server vs VPS vs Cloud on demand article for readers


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Dedicated Server vs VPS vs Cloud – a comparison

Web Hosting New Banner 1.17

In this era of tightly restrained budgets, when it comes to selecting a server for your website or an application, it actually becomes difficult to select the ‘most efficient’ out of many. Moreover, the business of today–from enterprise level to small and medium sized ones, need such an architecture that has the elasticity to cope with the modern demands of the security, business on the go, instant and unlimited scalability, business agility and more.

Web hosting industry provides various options, but we’re discussing only three main ones in this article:

  • Traditional hosting –Virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers.
  • Advanced hosting – Cloud servers.

Dedicated Server vs VPS

It is the comparison that helps people make more informed decisions. So let’s investigate the three different servers- Dedicated Server vs VPS vs Cloud :

Virtual Private Server – a townhome of the hosting industry

A virtual private server is a virtualized server which an internet hosting provider sells as a ‘service’ by partitioning a single server into multiple servers for their respective customers.

Each VPS runs its own operating system and customers are given user- access to administer their operating systems independently and install any software that’s able to run on that OS.

Thus, you get your own set of services, more control over your website with allocated resources and customizable disk space, which you do not share with other ‘neighbors’ on the same single machine.

Key features of a virtual private server:

  • State of the art virtualization
  • Feasible custom firewall configurations
  • Super-user root access
  • Dedicated resources in shared environment
  • Worry-free environment as server monitoring is managed by the hosting provider.


Limitations of a VPS:

  • As multiple virtualization clients run their OS on a single machine, a VPS generally has limited processor time,RAM, and disk space.
  • Although you get more control on your website and space, your space on the physical server is technically shared with the neighbors on the board. So it might lower performance or security, affected by the workload of other instances.

Dedicated Server Vs VPS vs Cloud

Dedicated servera bungalow of the hosting industry

As the name suggests, a dedicated server is a server dedicated for the exclusive use of its buyer i.e. a client buys a complete server and uses its resources and space without sharing them with anyone else.

When a dedicated server is bought, it comes with a memory with the stated amount, hard disk space, and bandwidth-  gigabytes of data to be delivered each month. It is a more flexible option than VPS as it gives full control over the server, including choice of operating system, hardware and other resources.

Key features of a dedicated server:

VPS vs Cloud pic

  • Higher level of security and privacy as it is the ‘server under your control’
  • Full root admin access
  • Customizable server environment
  • Enhanced performance and reliability
  • Each server comes with unique IP address (important for large organizations running an e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing)
  • Eliminates bad neighbor issues.


Limitations of a dedicated server:

  • Most expensive among available server options.
  • Extensive networking knowledge and skills are a must to manage dedicated server and websites hosted on
  • Difficult to fix when it crashes.


Cloud server-a luxurious vanity van

Cloud is a network of multiple independent and remote servers that enable processing of shared resources (networks, servers, storage, applications and services) and data to the customers on demand via any network i.e. internet.

It allows centralized data storage, and online access to computer services or resources.

There are three types of cloud deployment models :

  • Public cloud- Services are provided via a network for the public use.
  • Private cloud – Cloud infrastructure that operates solely for a single organization.
  • Hybrid cloud- Perfect blend of public and private cloud.


Key features of cloud hosting:

  • Cost efficiency.
  • Improved business agility.
  • Device and location independence.
  • Improved scalability and flexibility.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Guaranteed no single point of failure.


Limitations of cloud hosting:

Not considered very secure, limited control and vendor lock-in.


A brief comparison-Dedicated server vs VPS vs Cloud

Comparative Features Virtual Private Server Dedicated Server Cloud Server
Cost Low in comparison to dedicated and higher than shared hosting Costliest option Considered a cost –efficient option as based on ‘pay as you use resources’ model.
Scalability Instant but limited More than VPS Scale up and down immediately as per your business needs.
Level of security Lesser than dedicated Highest level Public Cloud– as secure as the network.

Private Cloud-Highly secure.


Remote access Available Available Access your business and expand on the go with its tools-Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.
Level of control Lesser than Dedicated. Highest level Lesser than Dedicated.
Best suited to Moderate traffic with occasional spikes. Heavy traffic and high CPU usage websites, ecommerce sites or sites with sensitive information. All types of websites.


Which hosting environment is best for me?

The type of the server option to be chosen depends on the traffic needs and nature of your website. So judge your website requirements and decide intelligently.

However, it is always wise to choose that option which meets all your requirements. As per my recommendation, cloud hosting is the best option to choose as it comes with top of the line productive tools that help you to expand you business and collaborate with your team on the go, at reduced cost.

Looking forward to your comments.

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ResellerClub review 2020 With Pros and Cons of Web hosting


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ResellerClub review 2020

If you are into blogging or building websites, hosting is what you would need to give a thought before everything else. However, choosing the best web host is not exactly an easy task. Went through all the available options and still you are in doubt? Here is a great option you can look for – ResellerClub. This is one of the most largest and reputable service providers. What exactly is Resellerclub? We will go through a complete discussion on what is ResellerClub and what kind of services do they offer you. It does host a lot of services and can be your one stop solution for all your needs.

ResellerClub review

ResellerClub – What It Is?

You know what a reseller hosting is. If not, let us explain. In this kind of service, you have a control panel referred to as Web Host Manager also known as WHM. You can create and manage the different cPanels on this Web Host Manager.

That would mean reseller hosting will allow you to create cPanel accounts for your clients and thus in turn become a web hosting service provider. In fact, running a web hosting service as a full-fledged business may not be feasible for it needs a lot of funding. Opting for reseller hosting from a reputed company can be a great initiative. One such relevant and reputable brand that you can trust is ResellerClub.

ResellerClub has over 100,000 resellers registered with them. It offers you services in web hosting and domain arena. The firm has a diverse portfolio ranging across different services, though basically they deal with domain registration and reseller hosting. ResellerClub has become one of the reputable entity in the field with over 5 million domains and customers in over 150 countries.

What Are the Advantages of Opting For ResellerClub?

Well, ResellerClub is the best option for all your needs in hosting no matter what kind of hosting you are into. You can serve all your customers of any variety and with those with varied expertise level. The company offers services across different genres of services like VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and cloud hosting.

Here are a few advantages associated with ResellerClub –

  • A 24 x 7 Support – This is one area that makes it one of the best options for opting for ResellerClub hosting. In fact, this is one of the advantages you would love compared to the smaller host services. The services are available 24 hours a day, throughout the year.
  • A Good Deal of Servers – Go for the servers that are located near your location. That way you would get faster performance. ResellerClub has its servers located across all major locations. It has servers spread across UK, the USA, India, and Turkey.
  • High End technology – ResellerClub offers you state of the art service quality. RAID backups, latest versions of Perl, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
  • Best In Class Pricing Structure – The plans available through ResellerClub quite affordable. In fact, opting for a reseller plan to start your own business is worth the efforts. They also come with a money back guarantee as well.
  • Security – ResellerClub conducts regular security checks and thus ensures the safety of your or your clients’ sites on the reseller hosting plans you have chosen. Regular malware and anti-virus scans will ensure that your system enjoys both physical security, and most needed network security. Scans are also conducted for spam countering.
  • Maintenance At Its Best – ResellerClub provides maintenance services from time to time. The maintenance services include repairs to the software issues, updates to the apps, MySQL optimizations, and reverse DNS set up.
  • Reliability – The service is one of the best in terms of reliability. That would make you access quality data centre infrastructure.

What Kind Of Services Would You Get With ResellerClub?

ResellerClub offers you several services in terms of hosting. Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and WordPress Hosting are a few services that you can opt for. How do they differ from each other? Let us find out in the following paragraphs.

Shared Hosting – You can host your website along with other sites on a single server. This is exactly what would make shared hosting the best option as the server cost will be shared between the other services. If you are on a constrained budget, this can be your best bet. However, you can face fluctuating bandwidth and disk space depending upon the activities of other users on the same server.

Cloud Hosting – It has been one of the recent options available for your hosting requirements. Your site will be hosted on several servers located physically apart. This will ensure that your site will not face an outage. ResellerClub offers you a cloud hosting plan with cPanel and offers all the best features that you have come across on Shared Hosting.

VPS Hosting – This option is for those who are tech savvy and possess enough information on the intricacies of hosting and related technology. It is equivalent to shared server hosting, but you get a dedicated amount of hardware – whether bandwidth, RAM, or disk space.

WordPress Hosting – This is indeed one of the most popular hosting services that one would opt for. The service is specifically designed for the best accuracy, security, convenience and flexibility. No matter whether you are blogger or a developer, ResellerClub offers you excellent plans that you can be comfortable with. If you are a blogger, go with a single WordPress installation. Multiple instances of WordPress installation can be the best option if you are a designer or developer.

You can choose the plan that meets your requirements.

The Pros And Cons Of ResellerClub Hosting

As with any other software, and service- ResellerClub too has its own set of Pros and Cons. Let us go through the positive and negative features of the service.


  • Money back guarantee with almost all plans.
  • The professional quality support performance.
  • Almost all plans on ResellerClub are designed for reselling.


  • You may not be able to expect the kind of features you would expect from the regular hosting services.
  • If you want extra SSL certification, it would incur extra cost.

The Support Channels

ResellerClub has been one of the excellent options to choose from for a variety of reasons as indicated here above. However, one of the aspects that we liked the most is its reliable support services.

It does come with an excellent support functionality that beats most other service providers in the hosting arena. You have access to an excellent 24 x 7 x 365 support system. It offers support system through various channels. The service is available through email, phone, and chat.

What made us think big about their service is the availability of technical support that is commendable enough. The response time and the effectiveness of the support provided is quite excellent. The knowledge base articles and the links for raising the tickets would make it one of the great options. The header of the website has a section entirely devoted to supporting tickets, knowledgebase articles, FAQs, other support channels, server status and other details. There is also a section for suggesting new ideas and offering feedback.

In essence, the service does cover a dedicated 24 x 7 helpline available throughout the year.  You can get support through the support channels like phone support, email, live chat, tickets and knowledgebase articles.


ResellerClub offers you an excellent uptime. The company offers you perfectly respectable uptime of up to 99.99 percent. Given the fact that the best industry standard is 99.9 percent, stretching it up to that level is quite excellent in its own right.

Such kind of the impressive uptime performance is indeed a great one and distinguishing in its own right. The infrastructure has been designed and built so that you can be assured of the world class stability, scalability and exemplary performance.


Well, the pricing and plans are quite affordable. However, there are several diverse plans spread across multiple service categories. Here are a few details, but we would advise you to check out the official website for the exact details on the same.

Shared Hosting –

The service and plans are powered by HostGator. You have access to the following features

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Instant configuration
  • A dedicated support.

The prices start at $ 6.49. The Hatchling plan is available at $ 9.99 per month and comes with one domain. The other two plans viz Baby and Business offer unlimited domains and cost $ 11.99 and $ 15.49 per month.

Reseller Hosting –

Linux reseller hosting offers you several excellent options. You can indulge in making money with your own business. Here are a few features associated with the plan –

  • It comes with free Web Host Manager Control panel.
  • The design and functionality of the package is scalable and flexible.
  • The plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The plans available under the package include

R1 – Available at $ 11.39 with 40 GB disk space and 800 GB data transfer.

R2 – Available at $ 12.59 with 50 GB disk space and 1000 GB data transfer

R3 – Charged at $ 16.79 with 100 GB disk space and 2000 GB data transfer

R4 – Charged at $ 25.49 with 200 GB disk space and 4000 GB data transfer.

Cloud Hosting

This feature will let you best cloud hosting. Here are the advantages –

  • Two times faster than the regular hosting
  • Completely scalable functionality.
  • High-performance stability.
  • Integrated cache.

Here are the plans available –

Personal Cloud – charged at $ 4.79 per month. With 2 CPU cores and 2 GB RAM and hosting for one website.

Business Cloud – Chargeable at $ 5.99 per month. With 4 CPU cores and 4 GB RAM and unlimited websites.

Pro Cloud – Charged at $ 8.99 per month. With 6 CPU cores and 6 GB RAM.

In essence, all the plans available on ResellerClub are a la Carte based. That would mean each of the services is offered in a rationed manner. You can place orders based on your requirements and the exact needs. In fact, the plans are completely customizable and as such you can build your own plans. The flexibility and customized solutions make it an excellent option for all your hosting requirements.

It would be worthwhile to mention here that ResellerClub offers you excellent discounts and special offers from time to time. Visit the official website and get to know more about the offers running at the time.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, ResellerClub is indeed the best you can get. It can work as the one-stop solution for all your needs. ResellerClub is a service that takes care of all your requirements that include domains, hosting, website builders, and emails.

It is indeed a perfect hosting service for all of you out there with varied interest. It offers you multiple features and services. You can choose any of the options you would be interested in. If you are on a low budget, go for shared hosting, or if you are looking for reliability and faster services – cloud hosting would be a great idea. In fact, the ResellerClub offers you customizable pricing options, thus letting you create your own plans.

We would also consider ResellerClub as another opportunity to start your own business. What are your views on ResellerClub and their services? If you choose to opt for their services, which one would you go for?

Do share your views and opinions with us. If you have used their services, do not forget sharing your experiences as well. Your feedback will help our readers gain more insightful information on the excellent performance that ResellerClub offers you and your online business.

I hope you like the Article on ResellerClub review

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Hostgator WordPress Hosting review with 60 % Off now Web hosting


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Hostgator WordPress Hosting review

There are several options for WordPress blog hosting. However, Hostgator has earned a name for itself over the years. Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review has been one of the reliable and affordable options when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of bloggers worldwide. We present a complete review of Hostgator WordPress Hosting review in the following paragraphs.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting review

Total Detail on Hostgator WordPress Hosting review

WordPress has been one of the widely used blogging platforms worldwide. It does ensure improved earnings and enhanced SERP rankings. At the same time, WordPress can be a little resource hungry and clunky at times.

Is Hostgator worth it?
Hostgator 60 off coupon

Well, if you are looking for an easy way to create and manage a WordPress blog, notho=ing can be better than Hostgator. Also, it provides you an easy way to migrate your older blog or website.

Hostgator ensures that you get some world class features like automatic backups and security updates. Moreover, it also provides you advanced features like regular malware detection and removal so that your site always stays secure.

Some Unique Features of Hostgator WordPress Hosting

Well, the service turns out to be one of the best with its varied list of features. They may not be the best from everyone’s point of view, yet it has something for everyone. Let us go through the salient features of the service here below.

  • Faster page loads – Page load speeds are important aspects of getting better website performance. It should be noted that slow page loading has been the main reason for the abandonment of pages. Hostgator ensure better page loads. It has a good number of worldwide servers and faster page load times.
  • Best migration performance – Setting up your WordPress blog is quite easy with Hostgator. The tutorials and support team on Hostgator ensures that it would be easy to migrate your websites. The One Click install option on the service will free you up from the issues one may face in manual installation.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – Service offers you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited databases. You also have access to unlimited sub domains.
  • Intuitive cPanel – This is one of the best features that we love with Hostgator. The user-friendly cPanel and its open source nature makes it the best option. The practical cPanel is a big plus because of special features that it offers you. Most of us are quite familiar with the WordPress cPanel.
  • Quick App Installer – The service comes with a Quick App Installer. It offers you over 70 different applications to choose from. You can install additional applications with a few simple clicks.
  • Best support system – Hostgator boasts of an excellent after sales service. The servers are constantly managed and monitored. The service offers several modes of support channels like Email, Live Chat, and Phone.
  • Extra Features for Advanced users – If you are an advanced user, Hostgator can be an excellent choice for your requirements. You will get access to PHP, MySQL, SSH access and several other advanced programming and database management.


Some noteworthy points in favor of Hostgator

A great Blogging Platform

Hostgator is an excellent option if you want to host a blog. If you opt for the Starter Plan, you get a host of additional features. Enhanced cPanel is bound to provide you an excellent experience. You get a good deal of apps and plugins for WorPress, and several enhanced features make it the best platform. Yu will have access to advanced security options like malware protection with this plan.

Best for Ecommerce sites

If you are into an online store business, opting for a Business plan would be the best option. You will get access to a dedicated SSL certificate and dedicated IP address. Moreover, these services are offered free. The business plan on Hostgator supports a huge lot of shopping carts and payment gateways.

Best for security

Hostgator ensures better security for your sites and blogs. You get access to a customised firewall. The site is protected against DDoS attacks. You also get protection against malware in addition to other security features.


Pros and Cons of Hostgator Web Hosting

Like any other software, Hostgator too comes with its set of positives and negatives. We will analyse the features to aid our readers.


  • It offers you multiple plans and features. The plans suit all budgets.
  • It is the best option for WordPress. In fact, Hostgator specialises in WordPress platform.
  • If you are a newbie in website development, Hostgator is a perfect choice for you. It offers you several tools and designs for website development.
  • You get a 45-day money back guarantee.


  • Some of the plans are a little more expensive.
  • Several reports indicate negative feedback about customer service. We would advise you to check it for yourself.
  • The basic WordPress plans are a little less advanced and lack in many features.

The Pricing

Hostgator offers you three plans. You can choose the one that meets your needs.

Hatchling Plan – The plan offers you unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and transfers. Only one domain is permitted under this plan. The Hatchling plan is available at Rs. 355 per month if you opt for a one year period.

Baby Plan – The baby plan is available at Rs. 455 per month if opted for one year period. The plan comes with everything unlimited. You get unlimited domains in addition to unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and Emails. The plan is best suited for high-end websites.

Business Plan – The plan costs you Rs. 655 per month if bought for one year. You get unlimited domains in addition to unlimited Bandwidth, disk space, and Emails. The plan also provides you dedicated IP address and free SSL certificate. A business plan is well suited for ECpommerce sites. It also supports a huge range of payment gateways and shopping carts.


All the above plans come with a 45-day money back guarantee.


In Conclusion

Hostgator is a company that has vast experience in the field of Hosting – both VPS hosting and shared hosting. They do have a reputation of providing a good deal of services and benefits. They are a good hosting service provider, with the only issue with them being a little expensive pricing compared to the other hosting services.

Have you used Hostgator? If yes, we would love to hear from you about your experiences with the service. Do share your views and opinions with us

Get Hostgator 60 off  Coupon and I hope you like the article on Hostgator WordPress Hosting review.Thanks

Reading the article, I hope you might have got the most of the information you need.If I have left please let me know

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ipage hosting coupons 2020 with amazing 75 % Discount Sale

Web hosting

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ipage coupon code 2016

ipage hosting coupons 2020

ipage Hosting Coupons

 Web Hosting is, by any means, the prime requirement you need to go if you are planning to for creating your own blog or website. Among different types of hosting services you can go for, shared hosting is one of the widely used options you can find. In fact, shared hosting should be the best when you are looking for economical hosting options. iPage Hosting coupons can be one of the good hosting services you can go for.

What is iPage Hosting?

As we stated here above, iPage is a shared hosting service provider worth excellence. They have been considered to be one of the excellent options for an affordable hosting.

 Check – ipage Black friday Sale From November 24-November 27 on All Web hosting Company like Hostgator black friday Sale 

It has also been referred to as a Green Hosting Company as well. If you are someone into promoting eco-friendly business, you would definitely go for it. If you are using iPage for your web hosting requirements, you will be certified as a Green Certified Website and can place a banner on your website on your website indicating that you are a partner in the green initiative. This is solely because of the fact that all the servers and data centers of the iPage service are powered by Wind Energy. It has been actively involved in promoting green power.

How Effective is iPage Hosting?

Well, it has been a good option for an affordable hosting since long. The plan comes with user-friendly features for the beginners. You get a simple to use website builder.

The website hosting service does support a good deal of popular scripts and website builders like WordPress. You have the simplicity of one-click installation for most of the applications. The basic plan – referred to as Essential Plan lets you get access to unlimited domains and as many SQL Databases as you would want. You are also allowed to use many ad networks like Google AdSense, Facebook marketing, and others.

What makes them even a great option would be its unique coupon system.

How does the Coupon System Work on iPage hosting Coupons?

The iPage Coupon System works much differently than most of the other hosting services. You need not enter the promo code and then check it works.

Instead, the service takes you to a Restricted Area wherein you will need to enter the promo code you have received. As soon as the code is entered, your new pricing will take effect. There are several websites that offer you free coupon codes that can be used on the site and get a host of features and lower pricing plans.

How Does it fare?

iPage has been one of the most comprehensive and competitive web hosting services that can be used for affordable web hosting requirements.  They have received a few rave reviews because of their excellent service quality.

iPage has been a well-known service provider for its budget hosting solutions. Moreover, even their customer support has been rated to be commendable enough. The service does support a 24 x 7 email support in addition to the live chat function that makes it most customer-friendly service you can go for.

We would definitely suggest you opt for the iPage Hosting services given a lot of features that it offers you. It is indeed a perfect hosting service that would provide truly unlimited features that have been packed in an interface that does need a steeper learning curve to master it. That would precisely be how we would describe iPage Hosting Service.

Where Can I get The iPage Coupons From?

That is indeed a good query. But, in fact, this could be something you need to look out for yourself. There are several sites that offer you iPage Promo Codes and Coupons.  You can check out a few sites like Groupon, CouponFollow and BloggerIdeas and most exclusive with are some of the options you can check out if you are interested in looking for the best coupons for iPage Hosting.

A few of the benefits of opting for iPage Hosting can be summed up as

  • Cheap and inexpensive hosting.
  • Great Customer Support.
  • Extra Security features can be treated as one of the best reason for opting for iPage hosting service. The plans come with SiteLock security suite making it one of the most secure platforms.

In Conclusion

The iPage Hosting Service is definitely the best when you want affordable hosting for your website. Maybe their uptime is a little issue in certain cases. If the uptime happens to be low, you may end up getting slow loading on your pages.

If you find it interesting enough, just opt for iPage Coupons on renowned websites and make use of the service, so that you can get an affordable hosting for your site.

I hope you All Like the Article on ipage hosting Coupons

buy Web hosting now

More Such Coupons Are Available on

iPage coupon code 2021 for cheap hosting plan grab it soon

ipage coupon 2021 January- December Free Domain and best web hosting

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Hoststage Review with all detail with Hosting Discount coupon


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HostStage Review

The First World Class Hosting Services for Digital Marketers! So here is the Hoststage review

hoststage review 2017

HostStage is a unique company made for Digital and Internet Marketers who are looking for hosting solutions to make a living online.

Their motive is driven by the fact that they realized they were hosting thousands of online entrepreneurs which had a hard time to find the suitable hosting providers listening to their needs of security, performances, and uptime.

Their motive is driven by the fact that they realized they were hosting thousands of online entrepreneurs which had a hard time to find the suitable hosting providers listening to their needs of security, performances, and uptime.
Therefore, they decided it was time for a change and a true turn by going even further by designing offers in line with their users allowing true innovations and custom tailored for the most demanding needs.

Web Hosting Services

HostStage SSD hosting plans introduces a revolution in the industry which allows you to host several websites with more resources, increased security and SEO ready.
With a true isolation of each single websites, you can now have the peace of mind of having the best performances for your websites and complying with the SEO standards of nowadays.

The web hosting services are backed up with a DDoS protection, and a 1 click software installer so you can create and deploy your website in seconds.

The accounts are instantly delivered and the servers are highly qualitative. The hardware is wisely selected with the sole purpose of delivering the fastest loading time.

Windows VPS Designed for Automation

If you are working online, you have certainly realized how complicated and how tedious certain tasks can be.
Whether it is to promote your own website with Off-site SEO, or automatically processing some data and automate some recurring actions, the Windows VPS is the best way to achieve such actions.
A window VPS is a remote computer which is always online plugged to a super fast internet connection allowing to perform an unlimited amount of task.
The VPS is designed to run even your own computer is turned off and keep working for you just like a soldier.

On a technical side, HostStage is using the best hardware of the Windows VPS market with Intel XEON E5 CPU, SSD RAID 10 drives, 10 GBPS port for a fast net connection.
The infrastructure relies on a tiers 4 certification which ensures the highest level of redundancy in terms of Electrical, Cooling, and Network systems.

Click here to get the Hoststage coupon

Managed Linux VPS

If you are starting to be successful online or if you need a custom configuration which isn’t available on a shared web hosting platforms, it is time to think about a Linux VPS.
A VPS is a private server with resources strictly allocated to you and to you only.
Whether you know how to administer a Linux VPS in SSH or not, a Managed VPS is a complete hand-free server relying on HostStage expertise to handle all the server side work for you.
The managed plans are packed with a lot of exclusive features such as a control panel to graphically and easily administer your websites, create your own email, install a new website in 1 clicks and secure them with an SSL certificate.

You can find their plans from the link below :
The solutions are innovative, custom-tailored, and highly reliable with a 100% Service Level Agreement.
HostStage web hosting plans introduces a revolution in the industry which allows you to host several websites with more resources, increased security and SEO ready.

With a true understanding over the years of what it takes to be successful online, HostStage is your best partner to serve your ambitions.

Hope you all like the article on Hoststage review 

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Benefits of Price comparison websites and Coupons along with it


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Benefits of Price comparison websites and Coupons

Price comparison websites help in identifying great online deals – Know more

Benefits of Price comparison websites and Coupons

Online shopaholics are always keen on using price comparison websites for identifying competitive market deals. The pricing range and variety of products tend to be more restricted when an individual tries to buy products from a local retailer. It’s not possible for him to compare all pricing details and check all retail offers physically within a short period of time. Your searching spectrum gets limited to your own laptop or PC while you’re checking out a few online options. At the same time, you have the opportunity of checking a long list of online options with a few clicks of the mouse. You find more options to stick to your budget while checking out all online options and pricing at once.

Your searching spectrum gets limited to your own laptop or PC while you’re checking out a few online options. At the same time, you have the opportunity of checking a long list of online options with a few clicks of the mouse. You find more options to stick to your budget while checking out all online options and pricing at once.


Are the Price Comparison Websites really of any help?

You may come across numerous product comparison websites online regardless of your needs.  All e-commerce merchants can utilize these sites for studying competition, warding off competitors, converting prospects and increasing sales. The primary objective of these sites is to ensure total satisfaction of customers from buying clothes like designer outfits, t-shirts and jeans to buying gadgets like laptops, monitors, cell phones, LED TVs and cameras.


What is the importance of a price comparison website?

A price comparison website helps in providing the most appropriate and cost-effective deals online. It’s easier to understand, that in a busier world it’s even more difficult for you to visit shopping stores and collect coupons physically.  You really don’t have much time to wait for an inexpensive deal to be announced over an e-commerce platform. A plethora of e-commerce stores

You really don’t have much time to wait for an inexpensive deal to be announced over an e-commerce platform. A plethora of e-commerce stores are being launched every day.  That’s probably the reason why the price comparison websites are finding it more feasible to collect and compare deals.

The end objective of any price comparison website is to provide visitors with a platform wherein they may identify all necessary products and compare them within a much wider pricing range. It’s of great importance for an online buyer to compare deals prior to making a purchase. It helps them take a more informed decision as compared to other users who aren’t using these services. They can utilize these sites to the best of their advantage.

It helps them take a more informed decision as compared to other users who aren’t using these services. They can utilize these sites to the best of their advantage.

Regular online shoppers are used to comparing deals within a comparative platform. Some of them are efficient in picking the right deals while visiting comparison sites. It helps them save a big fraction of the cost while doing comparison shopping. Again, a few of them would even go to the extent of adding discount coupons to make it easier for their picket. A few good coupons sites have sprung up in the recent times. Most of these sites are offering great discount codes, but again you have to be carefully about choosing and applying the valid deals only.

Again, a few of them would even go to the extent of adding discount coupons to make it easier for their picket. A few good coupons sites have sprung up in the recent times. Most of these sites are offering great discount codes, but again you have to be carefully about choosing and applying the valid deals only.

You may choose to go with the more established discount shopping platforms or may even choose deal codes from all new and upcoming coupon codes sites. Make sure you read the deals carefully and use them for as long as they are valid.  I Hope you like the Article on Price comparison websites

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Bluehost cloud hosting review 2020 Everything You Need To Know

cloud Hosting

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Bluehost cloud hosting review

Hello Everyone, No doubt about the fact that business world has a fierce competition. Every company is aiming for the competitive edge by working distinctively. Cloud hosting is relatively a new concept in the market which is well defined by Bluehost. The goal of making a mark with offering outstanding cloud hosting service is what the company is trying to prove.So in this Article we are are going to See the Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review

Bluehost cloud hosting review 2018

Cloud hosting is regarded as the state of art Technology find the customized, fast and well-connected service allows users to achieve their business goals without worrying about additional overhead. The exceptional features of Bluehost cloud hosting have stimulated its growth in the web hosting industry. Businesses are particularly buying used up all those hosting services which address the altering demands. Bluehost cloud hosting service is the best alternative adopted by several companies who want something more than a traditional web hosting plans.

bluehost black friday Sale

What is cloud hosting service all about?

It’s not very common to hear about cloud web hosting services in a General parameter. The services are slightly different that run on Internet instead of a normal computer. The services of online file editing through drop box and Google Drive is what a typical hosting service comprises of. However, talking about Bluehost cloud hosting service, it was your side that way connecting the date on several services which form a virtual cloud. 2015 witnessed Bluehost announcing the startup of their business. Once you know what the actual concept of cloud hosting is and what services is it actually providing, you won’t take a minute more to finalize one of the plans by the company.

What service does Bluehost provide?

As mentioned earlier, Bluehost cloud hosting Technology shares your entire data on more than one server. Dissimilar to dedicated hosting, cloud hosting service would distribute your data on different servers so that even if your site gets hacked, the overall data remains unaffected. The account isolation technology is what giving hype to the bluehost cloud hosting service. Your data would automatically get shared across three services so that just in case one server fails, your website automatically switches off to another server hosting at. It would never fail and continue to provide IT services and reap a profit.

Stability and security parameters of Bluehost

Security is one of the best benefits of finalizing Bluehost as your hosting partner. Your side gets married across three devices because of which data faltering and site breakdown doesn’t take place. There would be no downtime issue at all.

Unlimited flexibility

One of the great benefits of Bluehost cloud hosting services its flexibility. You will be able to add extra resources to your Ram and CPU so that whenever your site gets more traffic, you don’t have to worry about your site working slowly. You can simply channelize more resources from the hosting panel by paying few bucks an instant basis. Users can temporarily enhance their hosting resources in case of emergency. Also, they can reduce them as well whenever they are no longer needed. None of the hosting services available so far provides you so much of flexibility. They do allow you to go for higher resources. However, the moment you want to switch back, it is not allowed.

More traffic more speed

The global content delivery lets your site deliver high-speed information no matter what.

Alternatively, you can always change your hosting Plans by renting more space. Hence, your overall speed remains unaffected despite higher or lower traffic.

Benefits of Bluehost cloud hosting service

Different businesses need different types of hosting service to address the needs. However, there is one service that applies to world, and that is Bluehost cloud hosting service. Right from the point of storing your information in accessing it and distributing it over different servers is all executed by one and only web hosting service. So let us know why this particular service is worthwhile –

  1. Time saving – Blue hosting cloud hosting service comes with fast delivery. The service makes it attractive for all the businesses by eliminating the requirement of in-house IT staff maintenance and managing computer physically.
  2. Flexibility – as mentioned the blue host web hosting service is all about more information with more mobility. There are flexible arrangements of remote workers and telecommunication. You can work with your files even when you are not present in your office. For small businesses, this particular kind of hosting remedy is a blessing in disguise.
  3. Cost saving – the immediate benefits of bluehost cloud hosting service is financial savings. It makes a complete usage of your hardware by allowing your business to bear more opportunities. The cloud computing service enables the startups to fulfill the needs of physical storage, IT resources, power usage at a single go. You don’t need to buy extra software or pay for installation and update all the time. Several other services of email management, power usage and software backup are all executed with one service.
  4. More collaboration – since your productivity automatically gets triggered by more accessibility, improved collaboration something that obviously takes place. Everyone who is in need to access file can get them from remote locations. This is the best option for the people who need to travel extensively. Easy sharing and real-time data management take place.

Is it worthwhile to go for Bluehost cloud hosting?

As we all know that this is one of the questions is quite obvious to cross the mind of the reader. To help you with the answer, we have elaborated it well. Word press hosting service is a good option only when a shared server is costing you more. On the other hand, if you are going to a shared server, you will be facing certain potential problems of speed, reliability and prices with it. So the only option with you is cloud hosting service which is latest and beneficial in every aspect. The 360-degree approach of Bluehost ensures that you undertake every possible task on your website with maximum freedom and flexibility.

I hope you like the Article on Bluehost cloud hosting review

bluehost black friday Sale

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IPvanish coupon with ipvanish 2 year deal Review 2021 grab now


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ipvanish coupon 2021

Anonymous browsing is quite impossible on your system these days. There are an endless number of instances where your data is snooped upon. The ipvanish coupon will help you get the deal at the low price,

ipvanish coupon

All your online activities and data are being watched no matter whether or not you like it. Using VPN services reduces the risk of your privacy and security being at risk. Another feature of IPvanish is that makes VPN services a great feature is that it can be used to access restricted content as it will not have bound by your geolocation. IPVanish is one such VPN service that ensures your online safety.

Hostgator India ChristMas Sale


What is IPVanish?

Well, IPVanish is a top tier VPN service, What we mean by that is it manages its servers, They handle all their infrastructure, employ their engineers and create their software on their own.

IPVanish can be considered to be the most secure VPN service as the firm has complete control over whatever goes on on the service. IP Vanish prides itself in being the faster, safe and a reliable network.

It has over 700 servers located in over 60 countries. That would mean the service has its servers and service available in almost all parts of the world.

The Salient features of IPVanish the Service

ipvanish feature and coupon

Well, IPVanish has been one of the prominent players in the realm of VPN services. Some of the functions that make it a top choice can be listed as

  • It provides you the best in class encryption. All their clients opt for OpenVPN as it offers better performance and reliability.
  • The service is available across a multitude of platforms. IPVanish has clients for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android.
  • IP Vanish comes with advanced features like NAT Firewall, Protection against DNS leaks and IPV6 leak protection.
  • Over 700 servers set up across 60 or more countries make it one of the widely available VPN network.
  • It can be considered to be one of the fastest VPN services available.
  • Being the top tier VPN service, IPVanish ensures that all your data and privacy stays secure.

Check the ExpressVPN Deals Discount Coupon here

The Performance

The clients work with smart installers. That means it gives you full control over what components you want to install and when. There is a remind me option. The interface too impresses you. The looks and the settings are easy to understand. Even a novice user will be at ease to learn the functions.

We must say we were happy with the speed of the service. It uses one of the best algorithms when it comes to encrypting your data, and that is exactly where it excels with its speeds.

IPVanish uses a no logs policy. Their privacy policy clearly states this. You can expect a great deal of service quality from a firm which has been in the privacy management business for 15 long years.

The Support

Well, IPVanish provides you a good amount of duty. You can expect the same degree of professionalism in their after sales service and support mechanism as well. They have several support channels to take care of your queries and grievances.

The 24 x 7 email service is clearly one of the best options they have. It has been observed that almost all your questions are taken care of and resolved within thirty minutes. There may be some exceptional cases where it may take a little more time.

The FAQ section on their official website has adequate and well laid our responses to the most likely questions you may have. The site contains complete manual instructions and configuration settings well explained.

There is no live chat support, though. Being an expert in the privacy space with over a decade of expertise, we would have loved to find a live chat support from IPVanish.. The IPvanish coupon is best for you get offer

The Pricing & ipvanish 2 year deal

IPVanish offers you affordable plans to choose from. There are no bandwidth restrictions imposed on any of the plans.

  • Monthly Plan – The plan charges for this package would be $ 10.00 per month. You will be billed at $ 10.00 each month.
  • Annual Plan – The annual plan will cost you $ 6.49 per month. You will be billed at $ 77.99 annually. The plan will help you save 46 percent of your money. This can be treated as the best value pack.
  • 3 Months Plan – The three-month plan will cost you $ 8.99 per month. You will be billed at $ 26.99 every three months. This plan can save you 25 percent.

Hostgator India ChristMas Sale

All the above plans come with the following benefits

  • A 7-day money back guarantee.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited user switching
  • Five simultaneous connections of multiple devices.
  • Unlimited P2P traffic.

The Pros and Cons of ipvanish

As with any other software, IPVanish too is not without any shortcomings. It would be a good idea to point out both the Pros and cons of the software tool for the benefit of our readers.


  • More than 700 servers across 60+ countries worldwide makes it a globally available VPN service.
  • Complete protection as it has full control over its infrastructure and clients.
  • Fastest and reliable functionality.
  • It offers clients across multiple platforms like iOS, Windows, Mac and Android.


  • There is no Live chat support.
  • High RAM usage. It can be an issue with low configuration machines.
  • The service does not offer a free trial period.
  • Lacks support for Linux.

Final Thoughts

The pricing can be an issue for some of the prospective buyers, but it being one of the top tier VPN services – it should not be a deterrent if you have a look at the kind of security and performance it offers you. The faster speeds, server locations that are spread globally and the best in class clients for multiple platforms make it a prime choice of a VPN for your needs. If you are someone who is technically minded IPVanish can be the best option for you.

Yes, it has no trial period. However, you can the benefits of money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Do share your experiences and opinions about the service. Your views and comments will be helpful for our readers.

I hope you like IPvanish coupon with review

Hostgator India ChristMas Sale

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review 2021

host stage Review 2021

ipage hosting review 2021

Hostinger Vs Bluehost 2021

000Webhosting Review 2018 with All Features of Web hosting

review, Web hosting

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000Webhosting Review 2018

If you are new in the world of web hosting and want to test few your website, then 000Webhosting will be the best solution for you. is best free web hosting provider which started its business in 2004. It is the first and famous free cloud web hosting provider offering great features and services to its users.

If you are new to the web hosting market and want to have the best open web hosting provider, then 000Webhosting will be the best option for you guys. If you’re going to experiment your personal or unnecessary websites, then you can get many benefits from 000Webhosting without paying a single penny.

000Webhosting Review 2018

Yes, it’s shocking, but it’s true that 000Webhosting is a free web host provider saving your money and providing you with the best services. 000Webhosting is the best place to come and start your small projects and later with significant benefits you can scale up with advanced premium web hosting plans.

The 000Webhosting offers its users some fantastic features that like free SSL domains, free templates, latest SSD storage, free third level domain hosting with PHP, free DDOS protection, uses cloud data AWX technology and free WordPress web hosting and many others. 000Webhosting is having millions of happy users all around the world taking benefits from it.

If you are looking for a 000Webhosting review, then you are at the right place. I am here to help you out. This post is about 000Webhosting review that will help you to know how beneficial 000Webhosting is. Just scroll down to know more about it.


Features of 000Webhosting


000webhosting web hosting plan features

The 000Webhosting is a free web hosting provider having multiple best features and services. It serves its customers in the best possible manner, and which is without any cost. Here are some of the fantastic features of 000Webhosting which are as follows:


  1. cPanel Control Panel: It is one the best feature that 000Webhosting is providing to its users. It is easy to use, and 000Webhosting is offering it free of cost. It is suitable for beginners also, so use this great feature of 000Webhosting and tests your websites well.
  2. No Web hosting cost: One of the best features of 000Webhosting is that it is entirely free web hosting provider which is the best thing for the newcomers and beginners. It saves your money and provides you with the best services.
  3. Full support for PHP with MySQL: Another feature of 000Webhosting is that it allows for proper support for PHP and MySQL that is of great use for the customers. The 000Webhosting provides the latest version of PHP with MySQL.
  4. 1500 MB disk space with 100 GB Data Transfer: The 000Webhosting offers 1.5 GB of free disk space to its users with 100 GB bandwidth.
  5. Supports Ads: The 000Webhosting also has the feature of supporting Ads. So you can add your ads on the websites without spending any charges.


Advantages of 000Webhosting:


The 000Webhosting comes up with some benefits that make it the best and famous free web hosting provider. To know about the advantages of 000Webhosting, just see the given below points:

  1. Quick Backups: The 000Webhosting provides proper backup system when we can efficiently use even if we lose our data. It has the inbuilt feature of instant backup that keeps the backup of your website.
  2. Supports Email: Another best advantage of 000Webhosting is that it provides full support for Email and webmail. This feature of 000Webhosting is also free of cost which is of great interest to its users.
  3. Fantastic Customer service: The 000Webhosting serves its users with best customer services. It provides answers to the customer’s queries and satisfies them with the best solutions. It provides instant response to all your questions and thus you can quickly solve your problems easily and quickly.
  4. User-Friendly: Another advantage of 000Webhosting is that it is user-friendly. It serves the users with many auto-installers that one can easily install without FTP.
  5. 99.9% uptime guarantee: The 000Webhosting provides 99% uptime guarantee which is free of cost and 99.9% for the premium package.


Disadvantages of 000Webhosting:


Although the 000Webhosting serves with the best solutions and services to its customers it also has some disadvantages which are listed as below:

  1. Weekly Backups: The 000Webhosting provides automated weekly backups which create problems for the users. Many hosting companies offer nightly backups while 000Webhosting delivers weekly backups.
  2. Removed websites without any notification: One of the disadvantages of 000Webhosting is that many users’ websites have come down without notice. Many users complained that their sites had been removed without any warning.
  3. Limited File uploads: Another problem that the 000Webhosting users are facing is that it eliminates specific files higher than 5MB without giving any notification to its users. Deleting user’s files without informing them is one of the major problems that users are facing.
  4. CPU Usage: The websites that have low traffic usually face the challenge of site redirected. The users got the message, you have exceeded your CPU limit that annoys many of the users.
  5. Slow FTP and DNS: Many of the 000Webhosting users are facing the problem of slow FTP connections and unresponsive DNS. There are many issues related to both FTP connections and DNS that is creating problems for the users.




The 000Webhosting is a free web hosting service providers serving many of the fantastic features to its users. According to many reviews of the people, they have said that they are pleased using 000Webhosting as it is serving many features without spending a single penny. According to another report of the people, they are pleased with the instant backup facility and customer support of the 000Webhosting. Not all the people reviewed positively; some said that the 000Webhosting uses an evil practice of removing websites without any notification that leads to many unwanted problems for the users. As every coin has two sides, in the same manner, the 000Webhosting has some positive aspects as well as negative on its users.

Hope so you enjoyed while reading this post. Like this post and leave your comments below so that we can come up with some better material for making our readers satisfied.

Hosting Domain Conference India 2018 Event for Internet Marketers

Web hosting

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Hosting Domain Conference 2018

One of the largest Hosting and Domain Conference 2018 is going to be held on 03 Feb 2018 at Radisson Hyderabad HITEC City. It is one of the largest conferences on web hosting and domain whose main motto is to resolve the various problems related to the issue.

Hosting Domain Conference India

It is one of the World’s top initiatives which are based on discussion on various recent activities in the field of the web technologies. It is a one-day event which will include more than 2000 delegates from different IT companies along with 30 speakers. The central topics of this grand discussion are going to be domain, blogging and web technologies.

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The main vision of the organizers of this grand conference is to provide a perfect platform the various people for discussing on the related topics to web hosting, blogging, and other web technologies and to set a benchmark for other technology conferences also.

This hosting domain conference 2018 is going to be a great chance for all the growing companies to showcase their technologies on the largest platform by customizing stalls at the conference venue.

Reasons why you should attend Hosting and Domain Conference 

Hosting and domain conference is going to be a world’s top initiative for making a thorough discussion on the various issues and technologies related to domains, hosting, and blogging etc. Now, it is obvious to know when we already have as many of the web sources to collaborate and learn; then what is the exact need for attending Hosting and Domain Conference 2018.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity of reaching the next level under such a perception.  Here, we are going to provide you seven best reasons why you should go for attending this grand web technologies conference.

Get a boost: Hosting Domain Conference 2018 is going to be a perfect option for renewing your excitement about the work you are going to do. It is a global conference which will go to have more than 2000 delegates from different IT companies all over the globe.

It is going to be a huge opportunity for all the people who wanted to get accelerated their career with getting themselves aware of the new technologies and new techniques.

Yet, there is an entire world of information available on the internet today along with a large number of ways for creating and consuming contents but still, it is a different experience of learning more from the people and their experiences. It will just reignite your enthusiasm and get a boost up to your career.

Enhance the experience by meeting experts and influences face to face: HDCON 2018 is going to be a global conference and hence will include more than 2000 delegates and 30 speakers from the different IT companies. It would go to be a great opportunity for you to meet experts and influencers of the field face to face.

It would go to be a great chance for making interaction with them and discussing your business problems along with them. The expert’s advice will enable you to bring a drastic change in your business and much more. You will get to have panel discussions and sharing the view with the experts of the related field.

Learn about various industry trends and how they implemented: HDCON 2018 is going to be a great opportunity for the entire industrialist to create new connections and business networking opportunities with a large number of people.

It would go to provide you the largest platform for enhancing your business more and more by learning more about the various trends going on in the industry and how could you implement them in your business so as to extract best results from it.

It will also enable you to get connected with minded people and enable you to remain in touch with the various service providers. Attending such an event will enhance your industry knowledge base and provides you something valuable back along with you.

Networking Opportunities: Meeting with more than 2000 delegates and 30 speakers of different IT companies all over the world will enable you to create new connections and new networking opportunities for you at anytime. It is going to be a better source of meeting a large number of experts in your related field rather than that of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

HDCON 2018 is going to provide you a great opportunity for attendees for mixing and mingle to form new bonds, relationships and strengthen the previous ones. If you have any queries or problems related to your business you can also resolve them with the experts during the panel discussion.

Introduction to new tools: HDCON 2018 will also include the introduction of new tools to the world along with a hands-on demonstration of the tools in the stalls outside the venue. It is the perfect opportunity for meeting enthusiasts, domainers, bloggers, hosting companies, registry, registrars and a wider range of service providers.

The venue of the conference will include various stalls organized by different companies so as to well elaborate the new tools which will really help a lot for the beginners also.

Connect with the Likeminded people: There are very fewer chances of learning more and more and getting the positive feeling in the online process but the Hosting Domain Conference 2018 is going to provide you a lot of positivity and enthusiasm in you. It will also enable you to meet with the like-minded people and hence will surely help you in enhancing your skills more and more.

A lot of Fun: It is last for not the least reason to join HDCON 2018. Along with a lot of learning process, it will go to be the best place where no one is boss, on one is employee or client and all will have a fun together.


Key Benefits of HDCON 2018

  • It will enable you to raise the profile of your company and its brand awareness.
  • It will help you in enhancing your business more and more by gaining new business leads and better meetings with key prospects.
  • It will enable you to get a place for your company in the topmost ranking.
  • It is a perfect chance of associating your company with the topmost level event.

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Best Gift for your Girl Friends on Friendship Day 2017


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Best Gift for your Girl Friends


birthday gift for girl best friend

birthday gift for girl best friend 2017

raksha bandhan offers online shopping 2017

Raksha Bandhan offers online shopping Best Deal of the year 2017


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Raksha Bandhan offers online shopping

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Raksha Bandhan offers online shopping

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