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Ipage Hosting Review coupon


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All things You Should Know About Ipage

Buying a web host often means spending a long time scrolling through long comparison tables, full of technical jargon about ‘custom cron jobs’ and ModSecurity, and wondering why you should care.

IPage skips all of that with its all-in-one shared hosting plan. The company could also have a point. Not only does the plan have unmeasured web space and bandwidth, it also supports unlimited email addresses and can host as many websites as needed – a premium feature with almost every other host.

ipage webhosting review

Website builder features include one-click installation of WordPress and other apps, a simple drag and drop website builder (limited to 6 pages per site), and a separate builder optimized for mobile sites.

There is 24/7 phone and chat support, and a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Explore the fine details and you will find some potential little problems. There is no monthly billing, for example the shortest plan is one year. The Website Builder adds a brand link to your pages, unless you pay to update.

However, if you need all of these features, iPage seems like a great value, even compared to the big-name competition. HostGator’s similar Baby plan is almost double the price for the first three years at $ 3.95, and rolls over at $ 9.95.

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However, if you’re happy with a m

ore basic plan, keep in mind that when it comes time to renew, iPage isn’t that cheap. The GreenGeeksLite plan gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth for $ 2.95 a month for three years, and that’s the standard price – it won’t be quadrupled when you get your next bill.

What is iPage webhosting?

iPage presents itself as a quality hosting company, providing different types of services to complement each other’s tools and so that all clients can access the configurations they need to maintain their projects.

Although iPage has been active since its launch, it began to have more popularity after 2009 when it was re-launched. Today it is positioned as one of the best hosting companies and has around 2 million sites hosted on its servers.

Ipage Hosting

Within this hosting, you can find different services that will help you carry out your projects quickly and easily. All the tools used to create web pages are included in all the hosting packages. You can also select site builders to build both traditional and basic pages as well as innovative and complex pages.

In case you need to use multimedia on your website, you should know that iPage is compatible with Real Audio and video, Midi File, Macromedia Shockwave and Flash.

Do you need to position your sites? That is not a problem because the hosting has different tools that you can use to improve SEO, such as credits in Google AdWords, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Online Performance

It has around 800 Dell-branded servers installed. Both centres have security 24 hours a day and generators to avoid inconveniences due to loss of energy. Its entire infrastructure is equipped with data duplication systems to avoid downtime problems.

Green Web Hosting

Within the iPage website you will notice that it has the active Green Web Hosting logo, what is it about?

In the case of iPage, it has the aforementioned certificate using clean and renewable energy for the maintenance of the hosting. This does not mean that the performance of the service decreases, since the servers function optimally with a combination of energies that allows to provide optimal tools and take care of the environment.

How to Create an Account on iPage web hosting?

In this iPage review you can find different hosting features and the actions you need to keep your project online. In the case of the procedure you need to do to start working with iPage, it is very simple and you just have to follow a few simple steps:

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STEP 1: Enter the page

When you enter the web you must select the button that takes you to the registration, you will see it at the beginning with the information of the offer they have at the moment.

STEP 2: Choose the Plan

Traditionally, the Essential Plan offer will be selected automatically, but from there you can choose the add-ons you want to increase the volume of features that will be added to your account.

STEP 3: Complete the personal data

In this step you only have to enter your personal information, the payment information and select the length of stay you want to hire.

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iPage webhosting Features

In this section, we will analyze the main features of how iPage hosting works.

Web Hosting: It is the traditional and most popular service. Below you will be presented with the specifications of the Essential plan.

In general, unlimited space, unlimited domain hosting, registration and free security system are incorporated. It also has a simple site builder including script libraries and a complete control panel with themes and plugins for you to install. It is important to know that all hosting plans have the possibility of using this content manager, however this iPageWordPress Hosting package is optimized to run with speed, security and hundreds of tools to customize your page to suit you.

iPage VPS: In iPage you can access one of the virtual private servers, those in which all the server resources are assigned to a single client. You can customize the service according to the magnitude of your project.

Dedicated Hosting: It is the last option of lodging that is available in the hosting. In this case you will have a physical server available for you alone. There are three combos with different categories:

Startup: 2 core processor, 4gb RAM, 500gb hard drive and 5tb of bandwidth.

Professional: 4-core processor, 8gb of RAM, 1000 gigs of storage and 10tb bandwidth.

Enterprise: It has a 16-core processor, the hard disk space is 1tb and the bandwidth is 15tb.


IPage’sWordPress plans, priced at $ 3.75 per month for three years, $ 7.49 on renewal, enhance your shared hosting by pre-installing WordPress, a collection of themes and plugins, and a custom WordPress dashboard. The company says its WordPress platform ‘has been designed to increase loading speed by up to 2.5 times’, and the premium plan ($ 6.95 a month initially, $ 10.49 on renewal) includes specialized WordPress support, SiteLock-based security, and automatic malware removal.

This is very cheap, you can sometimes pay more for standard shared hosting, but the list of features is a bit short.

As an alternative, SiteGround’s shared hosting plan (from $ 5.95 a month renewing to $ 11.95) has a performance-boosting Nginx and Memcached-based SuperCacher setup, and includes WordPress staging, a convenient way to edit. your project offline without affecting the production site.

The IONOS ‘One’ WordPress plan has very basic specs (10GB storage and supports only one website) but includes staging, daily cloud backups and smart WordPress plugin updates, and is priced at $ 15 billed monthly (no long-term contract required).

These are managed plans (iPage takes care of the technical administration of the VPS for you), so the prices are not bad, but you will get more choice and control elsewhere. Hostwinds has ten top plans, on managed and unmanaged Windows and Linux, and if you know what you’re doing, you can get a basic unmanaged VPS for as low as $ 5 a month.

It’s a similar story with iPage’s dedicated servers. They may be underpowered – the $ 119.99 starter plan ($ 149.99 on renewal) gives you a 2-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB of disk space, and 5TB of bandwidth, but you don’t really know. They stand out in no way, and you find cheaper, more powerful, and configurable servers elsewhere.

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IPage’s shared hosting is very cheap, so it should probably come as no surprise that the company tries to increase its rates with a variety of optional extras.

We opt for accommodation only, enter our contact details and pay via PayPal (card payments are also supported).

Some hosts make you wait while they activate an account, but not iPage. A postpaid website told us to wait a minute, and less than a minute later, our account was activated and we were good to go.

iPage uses the vDeck control panel. This looks a bit like cPanel: icons for various site administration tasks on the left, key server settings, and details on the left, but it doesn’t have as many features and can be more cumbersome to use.

VDeck hasn’t been updated in a long time either, and since the website is now dead, we suspect it won’t see much development in the future either.

Notices like ‘Configure Outlook 2011’ in the MailCentral dashboard left us wondering how often iPage updated the service. And there is also a strong focus on upselling, with many icons redirecting us to other websites recommending that we buy more stuff.

It’s very basic, features just the essential basics, and is limited to six pages, but the templates are fine, and we had an online starter site in minutes.

Mojo Marketplace takes care of one-click WordPress installs and other apps, which means there’s some aggressive marketing to navigate. Just opening the Mojo Marketplace window generated a ‘welcome’ email a few moments later, and after setting up an app, Mojo goes out of his way to try and convince you to buy something. However, it generally does a good job of installing everything you need, and once your application is up and running, you won’t have to use the market again.

If you are setting up your site manually, a sidebar gives you useful account information: IP, name servers, and mail servers. Icons like FTP, File Manager, and MySQL Databases point you to key creation tools,

Ipage SUPPORT service for

Website management can be tricky, no matter how experienced you are, but iPage’s knowledge base is just one click away from the control panel.

You can search for articles by a variety of topics: account, domains, email, security, WebsiteBuilder, more, or enter keywords in a search box to find matches

As you type, the site displays relevant articles. We typed ‘WordPress’, and a drop-down list featured articles on moving sites to WordPress, backing up your site, fixing common problems, and more.

There is a lot of useful content here, but it seems poorly ordered The article ‘how to install WordPress via FTP’ was at the top of our list, for example, and we suspect that if you are a beginner or an expert, that is not a topic you want to read first.

The site also seems to have some bugs. Dissatisfied with WordPress matches, we tapped ‘See all results’ at the bottom of the list, and a new browser tab opened at a different KB URL, but no matches. We wrote WordPress again and a keyword match list appeared; We chose WordPress, and a full list of articles appeared, and this time we were able to browse them directly.

The quality of the item is mixed. Some tutorials are helpful, but others are very short, poorly formatted, and look like they haven’t been updated in a long time (we found a screenshot dated 2014).

Often the articles will cover only the bare minimum necessary to help you. The best providers can give you step-by-step instructions on how to change your domain name servers at GoDaddy, Tucows, FastDomain, and others, for example; iPage only links you to,, etc., and lets you figure out the rest for yourself.

There’s not always a lot of help from the website, and that could be a problem when you’re trying to solve a complex task, step by step. There is no substitute for a quality web tutorial that you can browse and follow in your own time.

However, IPage does have a 24/7 live chat and phone support. We opened a live chat window, an agent showed up within a couple of minutes and quickly gave us an accurate answer to our WordPress setup question. 24/7 phone support is only available from a US number, but if that’s not an issue, we’ve found calls answered quickly, and agents do a fair job of solve the most common problems.

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You can spend all the money you want on a web host, create an attractive site with the best possible web technology, but it won’t mean a thing if your website is always down or underperforming.

Every five minutes, tries to download the home page of a simple test website, recording the results and how long it takes for the server to respond.

What kind of products does iPage offer?

IPage’s shared hosting plans are very popular, but they are not the only ones. We will inform you about all services related to the accommodation.

Domain names can be purchased directly from iPage. The .com domain name for the first year is priced at $ 9.99 and will cost $ 17.99 after renewal. Dozens of domain name extensions are available, including rare ones like .coach and .bargains.

Its shared hosting package is very popular and its initial price is very attractive to some people. This type of hosting is called sharing because it shares the server (and its resources) with other clients. After renewal, the 12-month plan costs $ 8.99 per month, which isn’t too cheap.

There is also shared hosting optimized for WordPress. With this WordPress hosting, they are trying to attract WordPress site owners. To be honest, I don’t know what the benefits of this plan are, except that it comes pre-installed with WordPress and some plugins. The basic iPageWordPress hosting plan renewal price is $ 9.49 per month.

However, if you need a hosting service that you can customize based on your technology needs (for example, if you use an unusual programming language), you can see one of the iPage VPS plans. They start at about $ 25 a month.

Finally, iPage also has a dedicated server that you can use if you need more resources or if you are hosting a very large site. Basically you have a complete server for you. However, a dedicated hosting plan starts at about $ 140 a month on iPage, which can be quite expensive.

iPage offers different concepts in shared hosting plans. Only one package contains all the features. This greatly simplifies your choice by eliminating the need to choose between one level of accommodation and another, depending on the options you need.

Unlike other EIG products like HostGator, we don’t offer a monthly plan. You can choose from 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year offers. But to be honest, there is no big difference in price. In the past, they offered larger discounts for longer transactions.

One thing to keep in mind is that in iPage, “unlimited” usually comes with a complete list of phrases / exceptions. For example, set an inode count for the number of files you can hold (databases, emails, images, etc.).

As we will see later, due to a slight lack of hosting services (for example, if the backup system is inadequate), some add-ons will be introduced into the payment basket during the purchasing process (see image below). ). ):sharp!

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ipage improves the purchasing process

What’s more, iPage suggests purchasing the service for 3 years by default. This is the longest deal we offer. Please be sure to check before payment.

There are quite a few dubious things around that price, but what I care most about is $ 100 when asking to restore a website from one of the backups. That’s what you have to pay.

And of course, the price will increase significantly after the first period, so make sure you agree to the renewal price (see table above).

Here’s a quick explanation of what you think is the biggest strength and weakness of iPage shared hosting.


Very Cheap Phase 1: The Phase 1 of iPage is as cheap as a tip.

Simple plan structure-There is only one plan, so it should not be confused with different plans and features.

Modern-looking panels: Not the easiest to use, but the iPage panels look great and are very intuitive.

High price at update: iPage costs about 3 times after update

Aggressive Upsell-The checkout process and backend are packed with upgrade tips and unwanted add-ons.

Poor Performance-Unfortunately, iPage is one of the worst performing hosting providers I’ve tried.

Insufficient Backup-If you need to back up your website, you need to buy a backup plugin.

Support might have been better-in my experience, your support may have been more helpful and faster.

However, you may be wondering when iPage is recommended.

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iPage provides a number of integrations with popular platforms and suites to help you improve your performance and security.

iPage seems to have all the hosting essentials more or less covered, especially for novice webmasters who should be able to set up a complete hosting solution from scratch.


SiteLock is a set of tools to provide essential security and performance improvement functions for any website.

iPage’s “Essential WP Plan” (for WordPress) includes a customized version of the SiteLock security suite for free . You will be given access to your own SiteLock dashboard where you can view website statistics and even set up a SiteLock security badge to display on your website. You can also hire the services of a security professional to clean up your hacked website (for a fee) through the “SiteLock911” service.


iPage has a basic version of Google Analytics built into the dashboard so you can quickly see visitor statistics such as where they came from, for what period of time, and how they interacted with your website.

You can also easily activate additional analysis tools such as AWStats or Webalizer.


iPage provides Roundcube Email Hosting with their shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans. Your email comes with all the essential features including IMAP / POP3, SSL, and autoresponder support, plus setup steps for email clients like Outlook and Gmail. You’ll also get free Constant Contact Email Marketing Campaigns for three months .


The WordPress Sandbox provides a way to test changes to your website without affecting the current version live. A copy of your website is saved on your local hard drive so that you can install

It mostly does well by being easy to use, from the sign up process to setting up your first WordPress website through the simple hosting panel.


As a new webmaster, you may find complicated control panels like cPanel and Plesk confusing. That is why iPage offers its own administration panel that makes it easy to manage the most important aspects of your accommodation without being overwhelmed by information.

While it provides easy navigation to essential hosting features, the dated dashboard could definitely do the trick with a design overhaul.

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When do you use iPage hosting?

Due to its poor performance and lack of functionality, iPage is difficult to strongly recommend (more on this below). However, if your personal project requires a cheap hosting service for 3 years, iPage may be a good choice.

it’s a good option for students (first semester) who don’t have much budget and need affordable accommodation. Still, other solutions like DreamHost offer similar prices and much better performance.

When do you not use iPage?

Anyone with a serious online project will be discouraged from choosing iPage. I think poor performance can be a problem for the user experience and SEO. What’s more, slow support isn’t just frustrating when you have hosting-related issues.

IPage backup plugin

There is no backup function, so you need to purchase a backup plugin. At some point (for example, if the site fails to update the plugin), I’m sure you need to revert to an earlier version of the site.

Like many other competitors, iPage does not offer Windows-based hosting. Check InMotion hosting or A2 hosting as needed.

Finally, enthusiastic developers and teams will not like the lack of SSH access, staging space, and server-side cache.

Quick summary and verdict: Should host on iPage?


  • Ultra cheap price: 100-200% cheaper than its peers
  • Free one year domain for all new customers
  • Newbie friendly – hassle-free onboarding process
  • Flexibility to grow – upgrade to VPS later
  • The quality of live chat support meets expectations
  • Good billing practices


  • Mix up the results in the server speed test, with a grade of C on Bitcatcha
  • Prices go up to $ 8.99 / mo when renewed
  • Limited website building features (6 pages only)
  • Unlimited hosting limited by other restrictions.
  • There is no free site migration for new customers.
  • Not so useful help documents
  • Pushy selling plan and overpriced website builder.

The best way it can summarize iPage is by saying that it makes hosting management easy for almost everyone , including novice webmasters, thanks to its own simplified control panel. Despite this, this provider offers powerful features and all plans come with premium care live chat.

In conclusion, iPage is best suited for beginner and intermediate webmasters with small to medium-sized websites.

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iPage coupon 2021 for cheap hosting plan grab it soon

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting Top Comparison with Packages

Web hosting

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Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting

Blogging is one of the major sources of online income. However, if you want to be a successful blogger, you need to take care in choosing the best possible hosting service. It can indeed be a daunting task given the fact that there are several options available. Here is a helping hand that we would lend you. This article provides you a comparison between Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting Services

A Head To Head Comparison Between BlueHost and Hostinger

In many cases, hosting service providers overlook the quality and pay attention to functionality and design. It would, thus, be important to note the difference between different hosting service providers for a proper understanding of the usability and functionality of the host of service providers.

Let us check out the two major Hosting services viz BlueHost and Hostinger from different perspectives.
Video for More info

Pricing and Plans

Among BlueHost and Hostinger, the latter appears to be more affordable. It would be important to point it out here that the service also offers you a free hosting service as well. Apart from low pricing, Hostinger also comes with multiple tenure options.

Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting

BlueHost offers you just three options of 12 months, 24 months and 36 months subscription plans. Hostinger, on the other hand, offers you six different plans to choose from – right from three months to 48 months.

hostinger Vs Bluehost

Winner – Hostinger


The server uptime should play an important role in any of the hosting service providers. The level of the economy at the current times makes it one of the important aspects of the good website management. When even a single downtime can make your website go haywire, it is essential to get the best of uptime for your website.

Strangely enough – contrary to the popular beliefs, BlueHost does suffer from some instances of downtime. Hostinger, on the other hand, provides you a 100 percent uptime. A great performance for a service that has been not very popular.

Winner – Hostinger

Website Loading Speed

Do you know the best indicator of the performance of a website? It is the speed of loading pages. Website speed is what the user checks before anything else. No matter how much excellent or feature rich your site could be, it will make no use if the page does not load faster enough.

Here again, we noticed the performance being a good enough with Hostinger compared to BlueHost. BlueHost showed almost one third slower performance than Hostinger in our tests.

Winner – Hostinger

Help And Support

A hosting service provider, no matter how good, will not be efficient if it does not help you out with the solutions to the issues you may be facing. A company can gather customers with its features and pricing – but retaining the customers will solely depend upon the customer service.

Yet again, Hostinger works great. It offers you the best ever service in terms of customer care. The service offers you a 24 x 7 live chat support, You have access to the live chats quite quickly enough. BlueHost, on the other hand, has been drawing a lot of negative reviews when it comes to customer service. Such reviews do not necessarily go in favor of a company.

Winner – Hostinger

In Conclusion

Well, that was what we would conclude with respect to the comparison of BlueHost and Hostinger Hosting service providers. As you can see from the results we listed out in the above paragraphs, one would easily conclude that Hostinger is definitely the best hosting service provider in more ways than one.

The points that can go strongly against BlueHost would be the ill-qualified customer care service and the low response time. Hostinger wins over BlueHost in both these departments. Founded in 2004, Hostinger has indeed seen a growth that within a span of over 13 years and is your best option for all your requirements in a practical web hosting solution.

Have you used any of these hosting services while hosting your websites? If you have, do share your views and opinions with us. Your feedback will help us gather more information on the concepts behind hosting and hosting service providers.

I hope you All Like the Information about Hostinger Vs Bluehost Web hosting Top Comparison with Packages 

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