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000Webhosting Review 2018 with All Features of Web hosting

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000Webhosting Review 2018

If you are new in the world of web hosting and want to test few your website, then 000Webhosting will be the best solution for you. is best free web hosting provider which started its business in 2004. It is the first and famous free cloud web hosting provider offering great features and services to its users.

If you are new to the web hosting market and want to have the best open web hosting provider, then 000Webhosting will be the best option for you guys. If you’re going to experiment your personal or unnecessary websites, then you can get many benefits from 000Webhosting without paying a single penny.

000Webhosting Review 2018

Yes, it’s shocking, but it’s true that 000Webhosting is a free web host provider saving your money and providing you with the best services. 000Webhosting is the best place to come and start your small projects and later with significant benefits you can scale up with advanced premium web hosting plans.

The 000Webhosting offers its users some fantastic features that like free SSL domains, free templates, latest SSD storage, free third level domain hosting with PHP, free DDOS protection, uses cloud data AWX technology and free WordPress web hosting and many others. 000Webhosting is having millions of happy users all around the world taking benefits from it.

If you are looking for a 000Webhosting review, then you are at the right place. I am here to help you out. This post is about 000Webhosting review that will help you to know how beneficial 000Webhosting is. Just scroll down to know more about it.


Features of 000Webhosting


000webhosting web hosting plan features

The 000Webhosting is a free web hosting provider having multiple best features and services. It serves its customers in the best possible manner, and which is without any cost. Here are some of the fantastic features of 000Webhosting which are as follows:


  1. cPanel Control Panel: It is one the best feature that 000Webhosting is providing to its users. It is easy to use, and 000Webhosting is offering it free of cost. It is suitable for beginners also, so use this great feature of 000Webhosting and tests your websites well.
  2. No Web hosting cost: One of the best features of 000Webhosting is that it is entirely free web hosting provider which is the best thing for the newcomers and beginners. It saves your money and provides you with the best services.
  3. Full support for PHP with MySQL: Another feature of 000Webhosting is that it allows for proper support for PHP and MySQL that is of great use for the customers. The 000Webhosting provides the latest version of PHP with MySQL.
  4. 1500 MB disk space with 100 GB Data Transfer: The 000Webhosting offers 1.5 GB of free disk space to its users with 100 GB bandwidth.
  5. Supports Ads: The 000Webhosting also has the feature of supporting Ads. So you can add your ads on the websites without spending any charges.


Advantages of 000Webhosting:


The 000Webhosting comes up with some benefits that make it the best and famous free web hosting provider. To know about the advantages of 000Webhosting, just see the given below points:

  1. Quick Backups: The 000Webhosting provides proper backup system when we can efficiently use even if we lose our data. It has the inbuilt feature of instant backup that keeps the backup of your website.
  2. Supports Email: Another best advantage of 000Webhosting is that it provides full support for Email and webmail. This feature of 000Webhosting is also free of cost which is of great interest to its users.
  3. Fantastic Customer service: The 000Webhosting serves its users with best customer services. It provides answers to the customer’s queries and satisfies them with the best solutions. It provides instant response to all your questions and thus you can quickly solve your problems easily and quickly.
  4. User-Friendly: Another advantage of 000Webhosting is that it is user-friendly. It serves the users with many auto-installers that one can easily install without FTP.
  5. 99.9% uptime guarantee: The 000Webhosting provides 99% uptime guarantee which is free of cost and 99.9% for the premium package.


Disadvantages of 000Webhosting:


Although the 000Webhosting serves with the best solutions and services to its customers it also has some disadvantages which are listed as below:

  1. Weekly Backups: The 000Webhosting provides automated weekly backups which create problems for the users. Many hosting companies offer nightly backups while 000Webhosting delivers weekly backups.
  2. Removed websites without any notification: One of the disadvantages of 000Webhosting is that many users’ websites have come down without notice. Many users complained that their sites had been removed without any warning.
  3. Limited File uploads: Another problem that the 000Webhosting users are facing is that it eliminates specific files higher than 5MB without giving any notification to its users. Deleting user’s files without informing them is one of the major problems that users are facing.
  4. CPU Usage: The websites that have low traffic usually face the challenge of site redirected. The users got the message, you have exceeded your CPU limit that annoys many of the users.
  5. Slow FTP and DNS: Many of the 000Webhosting users are facing the problem of slow FTP connections and unresponsive DNS. There are many issues related to both FTP connections and DNS that is creating problems for the users.




The 000Webhosting is a free web hosting service providers serving many of the fantastic features to its users. According to many reviews of the people, they have said that they are pleased using 000Webhosting as it is serving many features without spending a single penny. According to another report of the people, they are pleased with the instant backup facility and customer support of the 000Webhosting. Not all the people reviewed positively; some said that the 000Webhosting uses an evil practice of removing websites without any notification that leads to many unwanted problems for the users. As every coin has two sides, in the same manner, the 000Webhosting has some positive aspects as well as negative on its users.

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